The National Social Value Measurement Framework for Workplace and Facilities Management

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The National Social Value Measurement Framework for Workplace and Facilities Management

Social Value is helping to articulate and highlight beyond their professional sphere the wide ranging value and impact workplace and facilities management professionals have outwith the management of the building and workspace, especially in relation to community engagement and corporate social responsibilities. For the workplace and facilities professional these shifting sands represent a massive opportunity to redefine their role, to take the image of the sector out of the plant room and establish a more value-based approach to delivering services.

Key initiatives that workplace and facilities teams will need to consider in the future could include:

  • Reach out to the local authorities/councils and community to better understand and prioritise local needs
  • Develop a Social Value Action Plan that identifies how they will create and maximise social value including local labour, jobs for disadvantaged people and training opportunities
  • Increase the use of local supply chain contractors for cleaning, security, repairs, maintenance and landscaping
  • Increase the opportunity for the local community to use the premises for community activities or meetings
  • Consider how to support occupier corporate responsibility (CSR) programmes through brokering relationships with local schools and voluntary organisations and creating opportunities for volunteering in the community (e.g. Impact Days).

But this is not the only challenge facing the profession and its sector; with investors and building owners increasingly looking to understand the social impact of their assets and how their investments can contribute to community wellbeing, the workplace and facilities professional will need to learn how to navigate and deliver these emerging requirements; and finally, the particular challenge of our times – COVID-19.  As we emerge from our homes and start going back to our workplaces we will discover that the local supply chain and facilities we took for granted may have been hit badly and the question will be how can the workplace and facilities team, through their buying power and influence, help communities to recover and renew.

The National TOMs FM Plug-In is part of the answer and will provide these professionals with the tools to help identify, manage and report social value.

This guidance developed jointly by IWFM and the Social Value Portal has been designed to support the workplace and facilities management profession in understanding how facilities and their service provision can add social value and its role in maximising value creation. The guidance is in 3 parts and includes the presentation of the National TOMs FM Plug-In, a national measurement framework for facilities management that has been specifically designed to help practitioners measure, maximise and report the delivery of social value along with case studies and detailed guidance of how use and apply the framework.

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**Please note** This guidance was published in conjunction with the 2020 TOMs Framework. For more information on the updates to our 2021 Framework, click here