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Prove the good you do matters

Social Value Portal can help member suppliers to win more contracts by building competitive social value into their bids. 

We can show you exactly what social value is, how you’re already creating it, and help you to build the foundation for an effective bid strategy. Using a clear, evidence-based framework, you can base your social value offering against standardised metrics relevant to your client, and easily see how much social value you will deliver on that contract.

You’ll know how much good you’re doing, and how it will make a difference.

Years of public sector experience and expertise

We’ve spent years partnering with public sector buyers to develop and apply a practical and standardised framework (National TOMs) that helps suppliers set out their social value add and maximise their offer 

Today, as a supplier you have to do more than tick a box to confirm you have a sustainable supply chain. By embedding social value into contracts, you also do more good in the communities you serve and have a positive impact on the people in them. 

We’re proud to set the standard for social value in public procurement, and have the proven experience, expertise and endorsements to help take social value to the next level. By working with us, you’ll not only meet government social value requirements, you’ll also do more good, help more people, and, ultimately, win more bids.

A smiling woman with long brown hair wearing a orange hoody, there is miniature wind turbine in front of her
A smiling woman with long brown hair wearing a orange hoody, there is miniature wind turbine in front of her

Understand what good looks like

National TOMs

By using an overarching, standardised National TOMs framework, you’ll know exactly what social value means to procurers and what they’re specifically looking for in a bid submission.

Calculate value

Set out your social value offer against the National TOMs for each procurer. You’ll identify a percentage of added social value that you can deliver on the contract and define the good you’ll do.


Avoid manual conversions. Enter your target social value offering – such as local employment or charitable donations – to automatically adjust the target to the contract value metric.


Consult with your social value advisor and compare against industry benchmarks. See what good looks like in your sector, improve your social value offering and win more contracts.

Children playing in a school playground.

Submitting good social value bids

National TOMs

After years supporting public sector suppliers, we’ve developed a local-government-endorsed, nationally recognised social value framework. The National TOMs allows social value to be easily and consistently measured and benchmarked, ensuring an understandable submission that fits the needs of the communities where social value will be added.

Submit bids online

Log in to your designated supplier account to assess your social value. You can measure your value against the metrics that matter to each procurer and demonstrate the good you’re doing in the community they serve. Manage all your project bids in the same place – it’s social value made easy.


Members receive support from our Social Value Advisors. They’ll help you demonstrate all the good you do – from community outreach to supply chain sustainability. They’ll support you beyond the bid, helping you deliver your social value promise and secure future contracts.

Win more bids

Social value is a powerful selling point. It can be the difference between success and failure at bid stage and is increasingly a precursor to a place as a preferred government supplier. We show our members how to maximise social value, prove it in the procurement process, and win more bids.

Make a difference

Book a demo with a member of our team to see the Social Value Portal in action and find out how to maximise the good you do.