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Why create social value?

Professional services firms have the opportunity to make a big difference. The specialist expertise and knowledge in your company can create extraordinary amounts of social value. 

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Beginning with the basics

We know professional services are no strangers to the social value movement. Our research shows that 90% of providers see social value in one in four tenders. We want to help you do more. 

 In 2021, we assembled a panel of experts, including procurers and providers, from across the professional service sector. We worked with them to understand the key challenges you face and to provide the right solution. 

We are aiming for 5 to 10% of contract value to be social value in every single tender. This might seem ambitious, but we’re confident. We know you want to do more good, and we can help you on your way.   

Specialists create social value

The description ‘professional services’ covers a wide range of different industries. But there is plenty of overlap when it comes to social value.  

Whether architecture, legal or human resources professionals, the skill of your people is your biggest asset. And this is no different with social value. Use the skills and expertise in your business to make a significant, tangible difference in communities across the UK. We’ve tailored the needs of professional services to our established National TOMs. 

Modern office space with exposed roof
Modern office space with exposed roof

Finding the solution

We learnt a lot from our research into the professional services industry. And we’ve mapped this to our National TOMs, to ensure you can find ways to create social value that suit you.  


Successful professional services firms have strong and enduring relationships with their customers. They use this to maximise, repeat, or spin off business. These strategies build sustainable commercial revenue.  


Professional services firms can use the National TOMs to build a social value strategy that reflects their capabilities and ambition. And, ultimately, embed this into tenders.  


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Tailoring the TOMs: what can you measure

Access to work

Measure the impact of employability support or providing work placements, apprenticeships and training. 

Readiness for work

Start engaging young people with the work you do. Using the National TOMs you can find the value of career mentoring, employment taster days or school engagements. 

Community Support

Track the value of the time and money you donate, whether providing expertise to VSCEs and SMEs, volunteering in the community or donating to charities. 

Good governance

Don’t overlook the way you treat your employees. Support your staffs mental health, or help them to live a greener, more sustainable life. 

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Why work with us?

We’ve got years of expertise in helping companies create social value. The National TOMs is the trusted methodology behind assessing social value. We’ve tailored this to meet your needs and ensure you’ve got the foundations for doing more good. 

university of manchester building
university of manchester building

Download our guidance for professional services

Want to learn more about the National TOMs? Download our guidance and find out how you can make the good you do go further.