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Maximise social value across your contracts and procurements

Social Value Portal makes social value management and reporting easy, robust and transparent. 

Bidders can set out their social value offer against the National TOMs framework in the Portal, helping them maximise their value add within the contract value. As a buyer, you can then evaluate social value bids and award work to suppliers that deliver against the targets that matter. 

Our whole process is simple and standardised. It levels the playing field, promoting clear-cut competition, giving you complete confidence in our consistently evaluated contracts and allowing you to easily identify which bidder offers the most value to your communities.

Aligned to the Social Value Act

Nationally recognised framework

Local Government Association-endorsed, the National TOMs framework is aligned to the Social Value Act and UK Government Social Value Model (PPN 06/20).

Evaluate submissions

Bidders can set out their social value against each measure, with a plan for delivery. The Portal converts the offer into a social value and percentage against the contract value.

Meet the mandate

By evaluating bids based on qualitative and quantitative social value assessment, you can be sure specific commitments are robust and defensible, maximising the social value added for your communities.

Prove procurement

Use the Portal to prove the good your suppliers do. Robust reporting demonstrates how you meet government requirements and make a difference in your community.

A woman holding a rainbow coloured umbrella in front of a front door, bending down to pick of a gift bag.

Socially conscious procurement

By driving suppliers to compete on how much good they do, you can enhance social value and get better outcomes for communities. 

Progressive procurement promotes social value creation, without costing you a penny. It makes your money go further.

After all, why wouldn’t you want to support communities to thrive?

A pharmacist taking something from a dispensary self.
A pharmacist taking something from a dispensary self.

Your portal to progressive procurement

Tailored to you

No two procurement processes or supply chains are the same. Each industry comes with its own challenges and opportunities, which can be easily evaluated using sector-specific plugins – from real estate to healthcare to facilities management. Get the outcomes you want to see, with a method that can be tailored to you.

Consistent and compliant

Endorsed by the Local Government Association and supported by the National Social Value Taskforce, the National TOMs Framework measures and reports consistently, throughout the procurement process. It compiles the metrics needed to address the Social Value Act and makes it easy to comply with Procurement Regulations.

Perceptive selection

The Portal provides a straightforward, repeatable solution for evaluating bids. Submissions are entered online and evaluated against a standardised framework, meaning your suppliers know exactly where they stand, and you as a buyer have the detail needed to assess and award tenders in a transparent way.

Procurement support

We provide member procurers with an expert Social Value Advisor to support you throughout the procurement process. Our advisors help with Portal set up, data validation, evaluation and reporting, and even engage with your suppliers to ensure they understand how they can deliver on their promise.

Ready to make a difference?

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