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The National Social Value Taskforce

We’ve teamed up with the public sector, businesses, industry associations, not for profits, voluntary organisations, social enterprise and members of the public.

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About the Taskforce

Collaboration at our core

The National Social Value Taskforce was founded in 2016, aimed at creating a best practice framework for the UK public and private sectors to deliver the requirements of the Public Services (Social Value Act) 2012.

It’s a sub-group of the Local Government Association’s National Advisory Group for procurement, demonstrating the LGA’s commitment to delivering social value through the services it commissions and procures.

Wide reach representation

Across England and Wales, more than 100 organisations are now represented on the Taskforce. These include central and local governments, education, health, housing, blue light services, industry bodies, businesses and third sector organisations. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in creating social value.

We run regular consultations, and work with business leaders and professional associations to shape our programmes. Most of this work is coordinated through the Taskforce.

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What members do

Working together

Together, members work to create healthy, thriving, and resilient communities. We do this by learning from each other and promoting good practice, including applying the National Themes, Outcomes, Measures (National TOMs) framework into public sector activities to embed social value. 

Working outputs

The Taskforce works together to:

  • Shape the National TOMS and co-develop sector or subject-specific ‘plug-ins’
  • Create guidance for embedding social value into operational activities
  • Support the National Social Value Conference and other events fostering best practice

Region and working specific

In 2020, a taskforce was launched in Wales, which uses new Welsh National TOMs criteria specific to the country’s Well-being of Future Generations Act.

The Taskforce also has some other regional and working groups.

Steering best practice in social value

Social Value Portal serves as the secretariat for the National Social Value Taskforce, providing various administrative services. 

Our Chief Executive, Guy Battle, is on the steering committee, which sets the strategic direction of the Taskforce. 

The steering committee also creates a work plan. It delivers tasks in an open and transparent way – sharing outputs publicly under a non-commercial creative commons licence. Members ratify new members, as well as regional and working groups.

Collaboration, sharing ideas and robust governance. That’s industry’s way of maximising social value.

Guy Battle speaking at NSVC 2018
Guy Battle speaking at NSVC 2018

Want to know more about the Taskforce?

Are you interested to know more about the National Social Value Taskforce and its activities? Visit the Taskforce website to find out how you can get involved.