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Maximising the value of the public pound while meeting procurement regulations: it can feel like a high-wire balancing act. We’re here to make things easier.

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How it works

Using our intuitive Portal and the National TOMs framework, you can benchmark and evaluate the social, economic and environmental benefits of any project that crosses your desk. Drawing on government-backed data, the Portal reveals how a project will impact your local community – so you can ensure that it’ll meet or exceed mandated social value goals.

A young woman driving a bus.
A young woman driving a bus.

For commissioners

We’ll assist you in identifying and maximising social value at every stage of the commissioning process. Our unmatched track record in working with local authorities means we know exactly what good looks like – and exactly how your peers are meeting legislative requirements. We’ll help you become a social value champion for your local community.

Modern office space with exposed roof
Modern office space with exposed roof

For procurement

When a project moves into the procurement stage, we’ll work with you to make the National TOMs completely intuitive and empowering. Your Social Value Advisor will help you devise parameters and measurements tailored to your policy goals. And by using the Portal, both you and your suppliers can monitor and manage projects, jointly steering them towards success.

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Platform graphic

Easier compliance with legislation

Public Procurement Regulations 2015

These regulations apply the EU Directive 2014/24/EU on public procurement in England and Wales. Social Value Portal ensures procurers in the public sector meet core requirements of openness, fairness and transparency.

Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012

This legislation requires public sector organisations to consider social value in service contracts, or where there is a service element in goods or works contracts.

Public procurement

Procurement Policy Note 06/20 offers guidance accounting for social value in the award of central government contracts, through use of the Social Value Model.

Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015

Requires public bodies in Wales to consider the long-term impact of decisions on communities, and drives action on issues such as poverty, health inequality and climate change.

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Here to help

Social value is now central to all government procurement policy-making and represents a key part of the ‘levelling up’ agenda. We help you meet these new requirements whilst maximising the value of the public pound. 

Our online Portal can be used to maximise social value all through the commissioning, procurement and delivery lifecycle. Our LGA-endorsed, data-driven National TOMs framework makes it easy for your suppliers to deliver solutions that make a difference. Our consultants identify your local needs and priorities, with ways suppliers can respond.  And with our intuitive interface, you’ll have clarity on social value at every stage of the process.

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Social Value Portal provides a clear mechanism for maximising social value at tender stage and in managing and reporting delivery – historically a weak area in the public sector.

Cardiff Council, Social Value Portal Member
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We are really pleased, that by working with the Social Value Portal, we have been able to summarise and quantify the additional social value that Barclays are offering to us in Bury as a part of their contract with us – it will make a real difference to our community.

Sarah Janusz, Head of Strategic Procurement & Project Planning, Bury Council (part of AGMA)
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The data is incredibly rich but it’s also very simple to navigate, understand and use in designing and thinking about the way in which we deliver services.

Huw Thomas, Hywel Dda University Health Board, NHS Wales

Public sector insights


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Social Value Maturity Index tool for Private Sector

Social Value Maturity Index tool for Private Sector

Want to do good at no extra cost to your organisation? Don’t we all! There is a way. Embedding social value into procurement has enormous potential to do just that. It can radically improve the economic, social and environmental wellbeing that a contract delivers.

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