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More than a tick box

Social Value Portal is a system to procure, measure, manage and report social value. Beyond meeting mandates and metrics, it makes clear the good you and your suppliers do, and helps you enhance it.

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Unlock sustainable opportunities that benefit the communities you impact

Evaluate your progress against widely adopted social value metrics.

A group of people sat in a circle in discussion, there is colourful geometric art on the wall in the background,
A group of people sat in a circle in discussion, there is colourful geometric art on the wall in the background,

Your everyday social measurement tool

Customise your framework

Select the Themes, Outcomes and Measures that apply to your organisation or community directly in the Portal. Track progress against the metrics that matter most, meet your social value commitments and maximise your social returns.

Procurement and tender support

Whether you’re conducting or submitting a tender, simplify your procurement process with an easy-to-use social value calculator.

You can evaluate social value against the leading social value standard and assess how you can align with local needs, helping you make informed selection decisions or win more bids.

Project measurement and delivery

Assess environmental, social and economic activities across your projects using a simple online measurement and management tool. Measure social value against Sustainable Development Goals, generate robust reports and elicit intelligent insights to help you drive more value from future projects.

Supply chain and organisational measurement

Enhance visibility by measuring and maximising social value across your supply chain or organisation, unlocking sustainable opportunities that benefit your business and the communities you impact. When you truly understand your impact, you can work towards doing more good for your customers and community in the future.

Public sector

From evaluating tenders to measuring social value in delivery, Social Value Portal is a straightforward system that’s simple for suppliers to work with, and easy for you to evaluate them through.

Social Value Portal helps ensure you not only maximise the value of the public pound, but the positive impact you’re making too.

Two people looking at a laptop with a monitor screen with two people looking at laptops in the background.
Two people looking at a laptop with a monitor screen with two people looking at laptops in the background.

Public sector suppliers

Social value is a powerful selling point. It can be the difference between success and failure at bid stage and is increasingly important in government contracts. 

Social Value Portal will work with you on your social value foundations and help you use the online tool to build a bid-winning proposal, making social value creation easy.

Manchester, featuring a yellow tram.
Manchester, featuring a yellow tram.

Real estate

The strength of your brand is increasingly linked to the good you do in the communities you impact. 

Social Value Portal helps real estate investors and developers with existing assets and new developments. We will support you with planning applications and developing strategies that build trust with local communities and increase social return from your investments.

Two men with there arms around each other looking at the camera. They are both wearing high viz vest and the one on the left is wearing a white hard hat. They are leaning on railings in front of a river.
Two men with there arms around each other looking at the camera. They are both wearing high viz vest and the one on the left is wearing a white hard hat. They are leaning on railings in front of a river.


Now more than ever, businesses recognise their wider role in society, and the need to give back in a meaningful way. 

Social Value Portal is a customisable social value measurement  tool, allowing you to quantify the good you do, and communicate it effectively. From local employment to community investments, calculate your social value and prove your purpose.

A food market on a sunny day.
A food market on a sunny day.
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The data is incredibly rich but it’s also very simple to navigate, understand and use in designing and thinking about the way in which we deliver services.

Huw Thomas, Hywel Dda University Health Board, NHS Wales

Ready to get started?

Book a demo with a member of our team to see the Social Value Portal in action and find out how to maximise the good you do.


What data can I report?

You can run reports on your social value data in the Portal, split by project, asset and location, as well as your total social value. 

You can also see how you are performing both against your own targets and KPIs, and compared to your peers.

Is training available?

Social Value for Members: If you are a member of Social Value Portal, you’ll have access to a wide suite of resources and a team of experts to support you.  You’ll be trained on all aspects of the Portal, the TOM System, and how to implement social value in your organisation. Get in touch with our Success team by emailing us at [email protected]

Social Value for Bidders or Suppliers: If you are bidding for a tender or you are an existing supplier for a contract, you can attend one of our online group sessions. Click on the links below to book your seat.

         Social value for Bidders                                     Social value for Suppliers.

In these sessions, we cover:

  • What is Social Value
  • What is the TOM System
  • How to add your Social Value data using Social Value Portal

What accounts are available?

There are three main types:

Member: This provides access to our online social value measurement tool, alongside additional support and features. To find out more get in touch

Supplier: This is for suppliers who want to register to tender for a project. To access a supplier account, you’ll need an invitation-only link from the procuring organisation. 

Free trial: Never used the Portal before? Explore the benefits of using a social value calculator before you upgrade to member.

Do I have to pay?

To report on your verified social value data against the widely recognised social value framework, sign up as a member. To find out more, please get in touch

Suppliers can register for an account and make a social value submission through their invitation. Once the contract is awarded, there may be a fee for contract management support, communicated through the procurer’s tender documents. This is based on a percentage of the contract value and paid by the winning bidder only.

What comes with a free trial?

You can register for a free Portal account to explore the features and try out the National TOMs to measure your social value. You’ll also get access to the framework, its guidance and latest handbook. We aggregate use cases within the Portal to support framework development and ensure it stays fit for purpose. 

If you want to register to tender for a project, or set up a tender to procure for, you’ll need to use either our supplier or member account types.

How do I become a member?

To discover how your organisation will benefit from membership, and how you can join, please get in touch.

How do I bid for a project?

To access a supplier account to bid for a project, you’ll need to follow the link provided by the procuring authority and included in the ITT documentation. For further help, please contact our customer support team.

How do I access a free trial?

To find out how you can try Social Value Portal to measure social value, register for a free account here.

How do I report an issue?

For Portal support, please get in touch with our customer support team.

What are the Global Goals?

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), or the Global Goals, are the blueprint to achieving a more sustainable future for the planet and all the people on it.

Social Value Portal has mapped the targets and indicators of the Global Goals to the National TOMs. We then created our Global Goals Dashboard, an additional feature that can be included in your membership. To find out more, speak to your Social Value Advisor or contact us here.

How do we support bidders?

Social Value Portal works closely with procurers to provide supplier engagement sessions. These help you understand the procurer’s social value approach. Contact your procurer to register for any upcoming sessions.

We provide additional bid support on large tenders, as well as a range of consultancy services, such as strategy development, local needs analysis and social value action plans. 

To learn more about social value and develop a robust approach to bidding, contact us

Can I benchmark against others?

Using real-time reporting, we can provide benchmarking against peer organisations. 

The National TOMs framework allows an equal playing ground for the standardised measurement of social value across several themes and categories.

How do I meet legislation?

Although there is nothing specific within the Public Service (Social Value) Act or the UK Government’s Social Value Model (PPN 06/20 to provide measurement against, you can use Social Value Portal to measure your contributions and meet minimum guidance requirements.

We have also mapped the requirements of the Social Value Model against the National TOMs so that contracts procured can be easily reported on in the Portal, without the need for two reporting mechanisms.