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Social Value Portal helps public sector suppliers win contracts by building in social value. Our Portal and the National TOMs framework are recognised by both central and local government buyers.

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How it works

Using our intuitive Portal and the National TOMs framework, you can calculate the social, economic and environmental benefits of bids tendered. Our projections are backed by years of research and extensive consultation across sectors. Assure the public sector that you’ll meet mandated targets, and you’ll bid more confidently and competitively.

Platform graphic
Platform graphic

For local government tenders

Bidding on a local government project? We can help you identify and maximise every opportunity to build social value into your bid. We have years of experience in working with local authorities across the UK, so we know exactly what good looks like to them. We’ll help you benchmark against competitors too, keeping you one step ahead.

A park scene in the autumn with red and yellow leaves and children playing.
A park scene in the autumn with red and yellow leaves and children playing.

For central government tenders

Nowadays, becoming a preferred supplier to central government requires close adherence to its Social Value Model. Our Central Government TOMs Mapping Tool joins the dots between the Social Value Model, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the National TOMs measurement standard. And so, you can build convincing, watertight bids that have intrinsic social value.

A birds eye view of people sat in a large open spaced café, with big glass windows looking onto a terrace with more people outside.
A birds eye view of people sat in a large open spaced café, with big glass windows looking onto a terrace with more people outside.

Easier compliance with legislation

Public Procurement Regulations 2015

These regulations apply the EU Directive 2014/24/EU on public procurement in England and Wales. Although no longer part of the European Union, we have retained these until new legislation is enacted (anticipated 2023). Social Value Portal supports suppliers in the public sector to meet those core requirements of openness, fairness and transparency.

Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012

Requires public sector organisations to consider social value in service contracts, or where there is a service element in goods or works contracts.

Procurement Policy Note 06/20

Offers guidance for taking account of social value in the award of central government contracts, through use of the Social Value Model.

Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015

Requires public bodies in Wales to consider the impact of decisions on communities, and drives action on issues like poverty, health inequality and climate change.

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Here to help

Social value is now central to all government procurement policy-making and represents a key part of the ‘levelling up’ agenda. We support suppliers to adapt to this way of bidding on, and delivering of projects.   

Our online Portal offers visibility and control across all your projects. And our government-backed, data-driven National TOMs framework makes the good you do visible and achievable. Our consultants show you ways in which you can best serve local needs, and thereby win more bids.

With our intuitive interface, you’ll have the tools you need to accelerate and enhance your entire tender process. 


Our methodology has enabled us to measure meaningful direct action, and the National TOMs framework creates a mutually reinforcing link between strategy and delivery.

Landsec, Social Value Portal Member
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We identified the National TOMs as the best-in-class social value measurement tool. The Social Value Portal team supported us through implementation and we are already realising significant benefits across the business.

Duncan Smith, UK Projects, Colas



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