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Our social value creation

We don’t expect others to become Social Value Creators if we are not contributing too.

That’s why we’re proactive to uphold our vision of a world where people and organisations collaborate to build flourishing and sustainable communities for all.

Social Value Portal staff at large table working in the office.

Committed to creating value

We’re committed to creating value for the communities and people where we work. Simply put, our big audacious goal will only succeed if we lead by example. We learn by doing, which is why Social Value Portal has always been proactive in delivering our own corporate responsibility.

It’s so important we understand what challenges and opportunities our members experience so we can progress together.

We aim to deliver a track record of working with customers, suppliers and local groups to create positive economic, social and environmental outcomes. Like the rest of our work, we’re on a journey.

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We’re pleased to offer an opportunity to small and micro enterprises to work with us to enhance social value maturity, so you can effectively communicate the value that you deliver.


18 November 2022
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Delivered to date

Beyond barriers

Beyond barriers

We create permanent roles for people facing employment barriers, having employed individuals through Working Chance. And we offer meaningful, and paid, work placements.

Giving back

Giving back

All our employees have six days paid volunteering time, in addition to annual leave. We support our people as they combine their expert skills and passions and volunteer in local projects.

Bringing benefits

Bringing benefits

All our people are provided with benefits to support their lives and wellbeing, and all with ethical choices in mind.

Lining up with life

Lining up with life

We’re an accredited Real Living Wage employer, going beyond statute to pay the only UK rate based on living costs. Because “good jobs” make good sense.

Sound suppliers

Sound suppliers

Where we can, we choose supplier partners who meet our social responsibility expectations. Best for the World B-Corp suppliers like our IT provider Fluid IT who provides training and employment opportunities to homeless people, and highest scoring B-Corp printer in the world, Seacourt, 100% zero waste and planet positive.

Match made money

Match made money

We offer charity fundraising through our own people and events, and provide match-funding to bolster and encourage more giving back to local communities.

Committing to more corporately

We know that creating social value is a continuous journey, and all our people are passionate to commit to more. So this year, we look at what else we can do.

The City of London on a cloudy day.
The City of London on a cloudy day.

On the horizon

Across 2022, we’re offering four free Portal memberships to small and micro-size businesses, or other voluntary and third sector organisations

These will include additional advisory services to support their social footprint:

  • Co-created social value strategy
  • Local needs analysis
  • Training and dedicated Social Value Advisor support
  • Bid support
  • Collaboration with other members


A woman browsing potted plants outdoors.
A woman browsing potted plants outdoors.

Try it for free

Our free membership commitment complements several other initiatives we’ll be delivering to our local areas and beyond, aiming to create £258,000 worth of social value.

  • 1 apprentice for 48 weeks
  • 1,100 hours of expert business advice
  • 12 weeks paid work placements
  • 1 job for a person facing employment barriers
  • More diversity and inclusion training
  • More charity match funding

1,120 hours volunteering across schools and colleges, support into work, voluntary and third sector organisations and local community projects.

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