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Our mission

Our mission is to engage, enable and empower people and organisations to work together in the pursuit of social, economic and environmental wellbeing.

We’re Social Value Portal. The social impact company that prevents ‘greenwashing’ and sets tangible action.

We bring rigour to the way you measure, manage, and report social value. And help you to prove exactly how your organisation, and suppliers, are making a difference in communities.

Ensuring social value is embedded within your organisation, in a way that’s consistent, transparent, accurate and effective is what we love to do. And that’s because we live it – our own business is built so that we’re set to deliver our own social value where we can. And we’ve pledged to work with our customers to deliver £100 billion of social value by 2025.

What we do

Online Portal built for social value

Social Value Portal helps you procure, measure, manage and report social value via a single, easy to use, adaptable platform. Our members will tell you it works – with all the critical aspects you need, like the ability to upload documents or apply filters. But the best bit is that we validate your data and make sure you are confident in what you do.





Setting standards in the market

What you can measure, you can manage and multiply. That’s why we developed the respected National Themes, Outcomes and Measures (TOMS) framework. Endorsed by the Local Government Association (LGA), it’s used by very many public sector organisations across the UK. Compatible with all major ESG frameworks, it’s also in use within global supply chains, and countless private sector suppliers. Our data-driven approach lets organisations procure, measure and report social value operationally, in a way that’s consistent, collaborative and transparent.

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Our values


We’re ‘the place’ for open dialogue on social value. Businesses turn to us to learn about social value, understand public sector targets, listen to community needs and talk to third sector providers. Whether you are managing a bid process or competing in it, we provide transparent, standardised, scalable social value measurement.


At its heart, the social value movement is designed to build sustainable, progressive and thriving communities. And we’re on a mission to make that good go global. We already work with more councils than anyone else. We’ve built a national standard that measures and maximises social value across public and private sectors. Our progressive approach and alignment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals will help us establish and enhance social value worldwide.


We’re all about radical collaboration. We don’t just give you the tools, we show you how to use them. Our National TOMs framework teaches a common social value language, so you can collaborate more effectively across your organisation and beyond. Our team of social value experts will work with you, whenever you need it, to create the impact you want to have and the purpose you want to show.


Our approach is entirely evidence-based, ensuring we and our clients are continually held accountable. We help you to integrate social value into every facet of decision-making, so you can consistently and comprehensively account for every choice made and its impact. Make a tangible difference, measure it consistently. We don’t just help set the targets, we ensure you’re delivering against them.

Power that underpins us

Data and expert service

With clear and validated data, you’ll see what value you’re creating for society – by project, asset, location, or any other way you choose.

In addition, our passionate team of  advisors and experts are here to answer day-to-day queries, and offer specialist services, like data validation, tender evaluation, local needs analysis, or mapping the National TOMs to your business objectives, or the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).




Radical collaboration

We’re radical because we’re willing to go first to further social value. We work with our members and partner organisations to advance social value as the norm. We are building a movement, where all parties are aligned on a single goal – £100 billion pounds of social value by 2025.

When working with us you’ll join a growing list from across the public, private and third sectors who attend our events to share their ideas, their knowledge and best practice. Ultimately, we’re all here for the same thing – social value creation.

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Celebrating our high scoring B Corp certification

We’re pleased to announce we’ve joined the global B Corp Movement, recognised for its commitment to pursuing purpose as well as profit. Find out how we scored and what it means.

B Corp certification

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