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Measure and manage contracts with data-driven metrics

Social Value Model

Social Value Model

Projects procured using the Social Value Model (PPN06/20) can be managed through our Central Government TOMs Mapping Tool. This ensures all social value reporting is consistent.

HM Treasury Green Book

HM Treasury Green Book

Our robust measurement framework, the National TOMs, is continuously reviewed to ensure compliance with HM Treasury Green Book.

Well-being of Future Generations Act

Well-being of Future Generations Act

The National TOMs for Wales is mapped to the Well-being for Future Generations Act – ensuring suppliers are using the most up-to-date framework.

Data integrity

Always updated

We review National TOMs units annually to keep data current and maintain integrity. It’s easy to input data and, with checks at every stage, rest assured with quality data.

Measuring change

We use standardised units to measure social value and compare value add across projects, organisations and sectors. By measuring social value, you can deliver the best community outcomes.

Valuing change

You can use the Portal to contextualise social value performance, compare activities using a common metric and understand the value you’re creating.

Evidencing change

Evidencing and reporting on change can now be key to your process, as the National TOMs ensure social value complies with qualitative requirements, and is verifiable.

Two people looking at a laptop with a monitor screen with two people looking at laptops in the background.

Data and analytics

Using our simple Portal reporting system and the National TOMs measurement framework, you can see social value metrics across your organisation and your supply chain.

Our dashboards and reports can show summaries at project, contract, or organisation level, with added Social Value Portal data insights. Our members can dive into the detail wherever needed.

Arrow on chart graphic
Arrow on chart graphic

Impact insights at your fingertips

Accountable accuracy

Measure, manage, store and report your social value data in one place. Data is securely stored, available for audit, and easy to access. It’s fully validated to ensure accountable accuracy and deliver current metrics against your targets, KPIs and frameworks.

Insightful input

Calculate your social value performance using accurate data input methods. The Portal gives you a methodic and simple solution to managing your social value data, so reports can be easily understood and streamlined across the board. And easier data management means better quality checks.

Data-driven dashboards

Customise your KPI dashboards or build charts to display the exact insights you need at a glance. Quickly access your key metrics to understand your social value contribution by project, asset and location.

Real-time reporting

Be accountable and transparent by running robust reports at project or organisation level, and prove the good you do to stakeholders. Set targets and assess outcomes. Save the information you need with data downloads, available as CSV files so you can easily save, send and share your social value outcomes.

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