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Central Government

The UK government spends £300 billion of public money every year. And now, it’s inviting new suppliers to get involved and maximise social impact.  

Central Government has created a new system called the Social Value Model. Under new procurement rules, at least 10% of marks in tenders will be awarded on social value criteria

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A solution to advance collaboration?

We aim to make it as easy as possible for government, businesses, charities, and social enterprises to work together to maximise social value.  

That’s why we are creating the Central Government Mapping tool.  

Why create a new tool?

Many public sector organisations already use our National TOMs.  

We don’t want anyone to duplicate effort across this and a new system. So, we’re doing the hard work for you.  

We’ve mapped out which data points from the existing National TOMs apply to each of Central Government’s criteria in the Social Value Model. It means suppliers can easily fulfil the specific requirements of both Central Government clients using the new Social Value Model. and continue to meet the needs of public sector clients using the National TOMs.  

We’ve also aligned KPIs in both systems to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). This enables stakeholders to report on SDGs in a consistent way which Government can use in the UK’s next Voluntary National Review. 

So, you’ll know exactly what to do – whether a public sector client uses the Social Value Model or the National TOMs. 

Creating value together

Our team of experts is available every step of the way to turn your vision for creating social value into a reality. 

That includes building a social value strategy for your business and supply chain. Unlike other providers, we’ll also verify your data and provide you with insights and advice on best practice. 

A framework that goes further

Anyone can access the National TOMs framework, free of charge, as a trial. 

It’s built so that you can reduce or increase criteria to meet your needs, without compromising its integrity. Once you get a feel for the framework, you can upgrade your membership for a full host of benefits. 

High rise building made of glass and white panelling with balconies
High rise building made of glass and white panelling with balconies

Take real action

We’ve got big dreams to expand the social value movement across the globe.  

Join us – use the National TOMs to demonstrate how you’re making a real difference to people’s lives.  

A fluorescent sign that says open.
A fluorescent sign that says open.