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Our consultancy team helps you boost social value as a strategic priority, whilst optimising the day-to-day operation of your business.

Our experts become an extension of your team. They help you understand best practice, implement change and manage brand reputation.


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Understanding your community

By its nature, social value is inclusive and focused on benefits for communities. We’ll help you to engage and collaborate with key external stakeholders to bring relevance and results to your social value programme. And as an independent third party, we bring credibility and impartiality to validating your social value activity.

A group of people set around table with laptop, three people are looking at the same laptop and laughing.
A group of people set around table with laptop, three people are looking at the same laptop and laughing.

Understanding your maturity

Whatever the maturity of your organisation, our consultants help you at any stage of your social value journey. We’ll help with developing a social value strategy, analysing stakeholder needs and priorities, conducting benchmarking and corporate reporting whilst also delivering specialist advisory services around planning and asset management.

Two women looking at the National TOMs on laptop
Two women looking at the National TOMs on laptop

Services in detail

Strategy development

Any responsible organisation should have a clear plan for its social value activity and the outcomes it wants to achieve. Our consultants will engage with you to understand gaps and opportunities and then collaborate with you to build your social value or impact policy, strategy and statements. The team also organise workshops and surveys, helping you to gain support, both inside and outside your organisation.


What does good look like? It can be hard to know what you should be aiming to deliver based on your size, organisation type or sector and we can help. Drawing on industry standards, best practice and our own insights we will provide you with a targeted plan and guidance on appropriate and balanced commitments.

Corporate reporting

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. We will work with you to make sense of your existing social value activities and corporate programmes and develop a bespoke measurement framework for you. This can be consolidated into a corporate report to really demonstrate the full value of your interventions.

Local needs analysis

Communities are at the heart of successful social value initiatives. So our expert team help you to identify the specific social value needs of local villages, towns and cities.  We do this by reviewing policies, mapping areas of deprivation, and building relationships with civic and community stakeholders.

Planning advisory

Our consultants support planning consultants and developers to deliver social value strategies for new schemes. We engage with the local community and set place-based targets and commitments, consolidated into a Social Value Statement for planning application. And our experts work with planning authorities to unlock more social value through enhancing local planning policy and the planning pipeline, in line with recognised guidance 

Real Estate Social Value Index

RESVI is the new way to undertake assessments of existing real estate assets and analyse their social value performance. Our experts will support you through the process, identify gaps in activity and then produce action plans to drive more value. All asset- and fund-level reports are mapped to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. RESVI is a full points certification for GRESB and is the first social certification to be recognised by GRESB.

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It is important to us that any social value delivered is tangible, needs-based and developed in collaboration with communities. That is why we are committed to adopting the Social Value Portal’s approach on all major developments.

Liam Ronan-Chlond, Stakeholder & External Relations, First Base

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