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  • 29/02/2024

Social Value FAQs: Essential guidance for maximising your impact

Our new Social Value Frequently Asked Questions guide delves into the most common questions that bidders, buyers, and businesses have about Social Value. Read some of the highlights here.

Social Value has become a critical tool for organisations to create and measure the positive change they are creating in society.  

But we know that navigating the complexities of Social Value can be daunting.  

That’s why our experts have put together a comprehensive Social Value FAQs guide, addressing common queries from bidders, buyers, businesses, and other stakeholders. From tendering and procurement to Social Value strategy and delivery, we’re here to help.  

Here are a few of the key areas we cover in this essential Social Value FAQs. 

Bidding: How to get the edge with Social Value  

As we discussed in our recent article, ‘A tale of three bids’, Social Value can be the determining factor in a competitive tendering process.  

However, to integrate Social Value into your bid, you will need to understand the buyer’s needs, make relevant commitments, and demonstrate your capabilities.  

Our FAQs guide explores the ‘Six Steps to Pro’, which provides a strategic framework for organisations vying for success in their bids. 

Social Value 'six steps to pro'
Six Steps to Pro for Bidders

 Procurement: Unlocking Social Value for communities  

Through the lever of procurement, buyers can create enormous Social Value for communities. And the benefits extend to the buyers too – as recently highlighted by our Head of Public Sector Delivery Terry Brewer.  

But embedding Social Value requirements into your procurement process in a way that is relevant, proportionate, and fair for all potential bidders comes with complexities – which is why it’s a key focus in our guide.  

 Strategy: Your Social Value vision 

Creating meaningful impact starts with having a clear view of what you want to achieve and how you’ll do it.  

How can you embed Social Value into your organisational planning? How can you capitalise on your organisation’s strengths to maximise the Social Value you create? A robust and targeted Social Value strategy should factor in these crucial considerations.  

Delivery: Amplifying your impact 

Social Value should not be limited to ‘commitments’ – for real benefits to be realised, organisations must make delivery into a strategic focus.  

Having helped numerous organisations to manage and amplify this critical phase, we know what it takes to take Social Value from idea to impact. It requires specific targets, effective measurement, and consistent reporting and evidencing, all of which we investigate in our FAQs.   

Measurement and reporting: Capturing outcomes that matter 

Measuring and reporting Social Value is essential for accountability, transparency, and credibility.  

The Social Value TOM System is the leading standard for capturing and enhancing the good you do, trusted by thousands of organisations.  

Learn about how the Social Value impact of specific initiatives like volunteering, how to use the TOM System for central government bids, and much more.   

Read our Social Value FAQs 

As Social Value becomes increasingly embedded in operational priorities, reliable guidance and resources is becoming indispensable. Whether you’re a bidder, a buyer, or a business, these FAQs offer will help you unlock your full potential. 

Check out the guide now.