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NSVC22 on demand: No place left behind

‘Leveling Up’ is the agenda as laid out in a 2022 government paper. It outlines the radical steps needed to make us more prosperous and more united by tackling the inequalities. The paper speaks about 5 overarching ‘missions’ each with its own targets. Putting political slogans aside, most people will agree that the mission is a worthy one. But what next and is it actually possible for us to unite around a single goal, and if yes how can all sectors of society come together in a shared environment of radical collaboration to deliver?

‘No place left behind’, a panel discussion at the National Social Value Conference 2022, gathers together experts on social value from across the public and private sector, to assess how we can collaborate better and ultimately, make a bigger difference for our communities.

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NSVC22 on demand: No place left behind