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Guidance Booklet from the Social Value Portal and the Local Government Association



Foreward by Nigel Kletz – Chair, Local Government Association National Advisory Group for Procurement & Director, Procurement and Commissioning, Birmingham City Council

The implementation of the Social Value Act in 2012 was the catalyst for public sector organisations to consider in greater depth how they can obtain more from their contractors and address some of the challenges they face in their local communities. As a result many now routinely ask bidders to set out and commit to providing social value benefits if they are successful in winning tenders submitted. The Local Government National Procurement Strategy 2018 places Social Value as a key deliverable and provides a Social Value Maturity Matrix for organisations to assess themselves against and offers techniques for improvement.

The majority of contractors take social value very seriously and are diligent about ensuring that they deliver on social value commitments made. There have been some instances, however, where contractors have failed to deliver on commitments and consequently public sector organisations have not received the benefits envisaged when letting contracts.

To reduce the possibility of this happening, this booklet provides guidance on best practice, approaches and techniques. These have been collated from public sector organisations at the ‘coal face’ of using social value in their tenders.

This is a very practical and easy to use guide and I would greatly encourage you to adopt the principles set out here to ensure that your organisation receives the maximum benefit from social value.


The Local Government Association and Social Value Portal are extremely grateful for the support and input of the following in preparing this document:

  • Julian Blake, Partner, Stone King LLP
  • Terry Brewer, Social Value Portal
  • Haydn Brown, Head of Procurement Strategy and Development, Birmingham City Council
  • Katrina Browning, Suffolk County Council
  • Sarah Fraser Head of Willmott Dixon Foundation, Willmott Dixon
  • Sarah Hurlock, Corporate Contract Manager, Thurrock Council
  • Cindy Nadesan, Contract and Supply Specialist, Orbis
  • Andrew White, Head of Strategic Procurement, STAR Procurement

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