1. NT1: Local Jobs
  2. NT2: % Local Jobs
  3. NT3: Long Term Unemployed
  4. NT4: NEETs
  5. NT5: Young Offenders
  6. NT6: Disabled
  7. NT7: Supporting Unemployed into work (under24)
  8. NT8: School Visits
  9. NT9: VQs
  10. NT10: Apprenticeships
  11. NT11: Supporting Unemployed into work (over24)
  12. NT12: Work Placements (unpaid, less than 6weeks)
  13. NT13: Work Placements (paid, more than 6weeks)
  1. NT14: VCSE Spend
  2. NT15: Business advice to support VCSEs
  3. NT16: Equipment/Resources donated to VCSEs
  4. NT17: Voluntary hours to support VCSEs
  5. NT18: Local Supply Chain spend
  6. NT19: Local SMEs Supply Chain spend
  7. NT20: Staff wellbeing
  8. NT21: Diversity training to Supply Chain
  9. NT22: Ethical procurement
  10. NT23: Procurement inc. Social Value
  11. NT24: Initiatives to reduce crime
  12. NT25: Initiatives to tackle Homelessness
  13. NT26: Health/wellbeing related initiatives
  1. NT27: Initiatives to strengthen community networks
  2. NT28: Donations to local community projects
  3. NT29: Voluntary hours to local community projects
  4. NT30: Community charter or stakeholder plan
  5. NT31: CO2 reduction (not transport related)
  6. NT32: Car miles saved
  7. NT33: Low or no emissions vehicles
  8. NT34: Voluntary Hours for green infrastucture
  9. NT35: Sustainable Procurement
  10. NT36: Other: £ invested
  11. NT37: Other: expert hours
  12. NT38: Other: voluntary hours