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WEBINAR: The Social Value Principle ‘Involve Stakeholders’ and the National TOMs

The Social Value Portal like to invite you to our upcoming webinar happening on:
25th June 2019, 12 AM – 1 PM BST.

The Public Services (Social Value) Act calls for all public sector commissioners to maximise value and secure wider social, economic and environmental benefits. Private sector organisations are increasingly looking beyond standard KPIs to measure the social value of their operations.
Delivering social value is about addressing underlying needs of stakeholders: the Principles of Social Value highlight the centrality of engaging with stakeholders when setting out to deliver and measure social value.
Leading the discussion around Social Value, Social Value Portal have partnered with Social Value UK to deliver this webinar. Together, we will be exploring the principles and the practice of stakeholder engagement within the National TOMs framework, outlining the practical steps and opportunities and sharing best practice.
Join Agnese Mizia, Head of Research from the Social Value Portal and Catherine Manning, Operations Manager from Social Value UK, to discover more about stakeholder engagement and the National Social Value Measurement (TOMs) Framework. The discussion will focus on:

  • An overview of the Social Value Principles
  • The Standard for Principle1: Involve Stakeholders
  • Engaging with stakeholders within the TOMs framework: practical tools
  • Best practice and innovative solutions: Community Social Value Charters