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Value; it’s all relative

I am on holiday- in Madagascar on an island off the west coast called Nosy Be. It is beautiful and the people here have the biggest brightest smiles you have ever seen and the whole world just seems to light up.

But as always if you scratch below the surface of the ‘tourist view’ there is a whole other world of poverty and corruption.

Of course there is no health service to talk of nor a welfare state and parents have to pay to send their kids to school; these are all privileges of the Western Europe and  far from reality here

It is of course inevitable that one begins to realise how lucky we are back in the UK; we just don’t realise the value of what we have.


Three things that we tend to forget we have

  1. Politicians that are honest and generally represent and fight for the people who voted for them
  2. Business that generally recognises its role to society and the need to be responsible
  3. A third sector that is active and is able


Two things that we are missing

A sense of community– it is so strong here and reaches out to you from every street gathering

Contentedness‘ – people seem happy or at least happier than we are at home ( I recognise that this may be an illusion but perception is everything!)

And so we should and must remember all of this; making the most of what we have and work to bring back what we don’t have by linking politics, business, and community to build a better society

And of course there is that ‘Madagascan smile‘ that illuminates the spaces in between us and bridges any gap in language or culture – if only I could but that at Duty Free!


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