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Vacancy: Researcher/Senior Researcher

Job Title:

Researcher / Senior Researcher


We are looking for a researcher or senior researcher to support primarily with the evaluation of social value interventions. You will be part of the Research, Development and Innovation team and collaborate closely with the Consultancy team to lead or support with evaluation projects from design and field work to analysis and reporting. Experience with cost benefit analysis or programme and policy evaluation for the public sector is desired.

The role requires a strong quantitative and analytical background, preferably in Economics or a related discipline, and at least three/five years (researcher/senior researcher) of relevant professional experience in evaluation of social, economic and environmental impact.

The ideal candidate will be able to independently review existing literature and data around benefit evaluation, design monitoring and data collections processes, produce modelling for social value proxies and produce measurement and monetisation analysis.

They will be able to articulate and communicate methodological approaches and technical results to both technical and non-technical audiences. They will independently develop or support relationships with partnering research organisations. They will also be able to design new solutions to manage and measure social value to match the specific needs of our clients.

In this role you would work with a growing and dynamic team and will take on research projects independently and through teamwork. We are looking for someone with a passion for innovation who will also enjoy taking on a consultancy role and developing new services and measurement methodologies for our current and future clients across multiple sectors.

Some of the key responsibilities of the role include:

  • Management and delivery of social value evaluation projects – including evaluation proposals, delivering evaluation design, data collection and analysis and developing conclusions and recommendations;
  • Developing new research tools (e.g. evaluation frameworks, questionnaires, discussion guides) and measurement and monetisation models
  • Direct collection and analysis of primary and secondary data;
  • Design and facilitation of stakeholder engagement processes;
  • Technical and non-technical report writing;
  • Presenting to clients and partners;
  • Representing the organisation as a speaker at conferences and events
  • Contributing to creation of guidance resources for clients
  • Contribution to thought leadership through innovative research delivery and dissemination

Your Experience

 Your working experience to date will probably have involved working in academia or with clients to identify and evaluate the economic, social or environmental impact of programmes or projects. Your project portfolio will include evaluations and impact assessments, cost benefit analysis, business cases, feasibility studies, presentations for workshops and seminars, in addition to drawing conclusions and writing recommendations from this work.

We are continuously looking to develop innovative ways of expanding and improving what the Social Value Portal can do and you will make a significant contribution to this.

Essential skills and experience:

  1. Relevant graduate or post graduate qualifications, preferably in Economics or a strictly related field
  2. Minimum three years of relevant professional experience (five for senior researcher) in evaluation with a social or public sector focus – relevant experience includes being a leading or main contributor to social impact assessment work, cost benefit analysis, impact evaluation, programme or policy evaluation, environmental impact assessment, economic impact assessment, wellbeing measurement
  3. Proven ability to manage research projects
  4. Strong numerical and analytical skills
  5. Ability to build strong client relationships, regardless of levels of seniority
  6. Experience in building or growing research partnerships
  7. Excellent communication, both orally and in writing, and an ability to write both technical and concise and accessible reports
  8. Full competence in latest version of Windows suite, including Excel, PowerPoint & Word
  9. Willingness to be London-based
  10. Flexibility and a natural team-working ability, including the ability to integrate rapidly into a dynamic and collaborative team

Desirable skills and experience:

  1. Experience in qualitative research methods
  2. Experience in interventions or investments contributing to the UN SDGs agenda
  3. Experience facilitating stakeholder engagement workshops
  4. Experience in social networks analysis
  5. Experience working with the charitable and voluntary sector
  6. Strong aptitude in software and digital media, particularly:
    • Data analytics (STATA, R)
    • GIS mapping
    • Salesforce
  7. Fluency in one or more languages other than English


Closing Date for Applications: 15th September 2019

Pay rate: : £30,000-£45,000 depending on experience

Hours per week: Full-time, 40 hours per week

Location: Social Value Portal offices, Vauxhall, London. Your job will include travel to meet customers around the UK.

Reports to: Head of Research

To apply please send your CV and covering letter to


About the Social Value Portal

Social value is about delivering economic, social and environmental sustainability to help create flourishing communities and places. The Social Value Portal has a suite of user-friendly, online collaboration tools that enable its clients in the public, private and community and voluntary sectors to work together to deliver social value.

The Social Value Portal is a young London-based Software as a Service (SaaS) business with nearly 20 people and we work with public and private sector clients across the UK. Our mission is to provide an evidence-based approach to measuring and delivering social value. There are three essential components to our business, which are underpinned by the National Social Value Measurement Framework:

Managing, monitoring and reporting social value using the online Portal;

Research & development of methodologies and products to support the Portal;

Consultancy and advisory work with clients to assist in the development of social value strategies and approaches

Social value is a rapidly developing agenda for addressing societal challenges using an integrated triple bottom line (economic / social / environment) approach. We are at the leading edge of developing social value methodologies and approaches to measuring and delivering social value and our clients need conceptual and strategic support and advice, as well as the tools that the Portal offers.

Our expanding client-base comes from a range of sectors, including central & local government, health, real estate and development, engineering & construction, nuclear and financial services, and the third sector.


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