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Embedding social value into planning

This briefing paper is the result of over 6 months of collaboration from over 30 organisations across the planning, development and design communities through the Embedding Social Value into Planning taskforce, a sub-group of the National Social Value Taskforce.

It shows that all parties have a clear desire to find a way to work together to embed social value into the planning process to help our communities recover, deliver better places to live and work to rebuild trust.

Key issues covered within this briefing paper include:

  • Guidance for councils on the options they have available to them to embed social value into their planning policy in the short term and before the development of a Local Plan.
  • Policy guidance for planners on how to embed social value into developing a Local Plan.
  • Guidance for developers on how they can use the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) to submit a Social Value Statement and ensure it is considered as part of the planning submission.
  • Examples of best practice to illustrate the progress being made by some over and above planning compliance.

Consultation on this briefing paper will be carried out throughout summer 2021

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