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This site is free to use for any Social Enterprise to upload your information and to meet Business that may want to form a social partnership with you to help them deliver their work and improve their social value chain. You will also learn how to measure and report your social value and present it is a way that makes sense to Business and Public Sector Authorities

If you wish to bid for Public Authority work, and as a member, you will also be able to get information about their objectives and learn how to present your social value contribution as a part of your bid.

We offer discounts for Social Enterprises that either have the Social Enterprise Mark or have achieved Planet First Accreditation. For more information, please see Delivery Partners (link)

What you need to know

Local Authority and public sector corporate targets and social value objectives

Relevant KPIs and Metrics

How to measure and report Social Impact or value creation

Links with other local Social Enterprises and Charities that could enhance your offer

What you might also need

Methodology for mapping business activities against public sector targets

Methodology for measuring and reporting Social Value and Impact

Financial proxies

Social Impact measurement tools

A market place to meet and get to know businesses that could add value to your offerings or where you could add value to their offerings

On-line training and qualifications

The Portal delivers

Public sector Social Value strategies in standard reporting formats

Summary of relevant targets, KPIs and Metrics for each local authority

Guidance on measurement

Good practice case studies

Ability to upload your own solutions onto The Listening Tree

Access to on-line training