Public sector

This site is free to use for any public sector authority and the Portal provides an opportunity to upload your expectations and needs such that businesses that you are looking to procure with may access pre-populated spreadsheets with your Objectives and Measures to allow for consistent and transparent tendering. The site also provides you with an opportunity to view what your communities are saying and what their specific needs are.

Our aim is to provide a transparent and consistent reporting methodology for Business that will support you in your commissioning and procurement processes

What additional benefits do you have?

Ability to upload your Social Value strategy in a single meeting place for everyone to view

See what other Public Authorities are doing

A methodology for developing your own social value strategy

Guidance on commissioning and evaluation of Social Value

Access to good practice case studies

A KPI library to allow you to assess how you should measure Social Value

On-line training and qualifications

The benefits to Business are:

A One Stop Shop where they may view and download your corporate and social value objectives

Map their core business and community activities against your specific social value targets and objectives

Identify both financial and non-financial value creation in a way that allows you to compare different submissions

Identify areas of future or potential contribution

Meet local Social Enterprises and Communities to help form new social partnerships and to build their Social Value Chains

What we ask you to do

In order to facilitate this process and ensure transparency for everyone whom you may wish to work with process we would like you to register here and to upload any documentation that you think would be useful for Business, Social Enterprise and Third Sector Organisations as they prepare their tenders. This may include

Your Social Value Strategy including targets and measures

Your Council or Corporate Plans including targets and measures

The criteria by which you will assess the importance of Social Value in your tender assessment process

Contact details and any other relevant information

If you do not yet have a Social Value Strategy, then you are not alone as only 28% of Public Authorities have one in place. This site provides you with guidance and case studies to support you in this process along with advice on Procurement, identifying relevant KPIs and Measures, Legal Guidance.

Strategy Development

We can work with you to develop your Social Value strategy working with our Delivery Partners. Our rates for this service are ‘costs only’ and where possible we are committed to working with Local Providers to ensure value stays within your community. Our work includes

Community and stakeholder engagement

Strategy development

Metrics and measures

Market capacity building

Tender Evaluation

We provide you an independent and confidential Social Value tender assessment analysis where we take information provided by your bidders, analyse it according to our methodology and provide you with an unbiased assessment.

Gather information from tenderers (via Public Authority)

Develop a single reporting format

Assess Social Value contribution in both non-financial and financial terms

Please note that in this process we act for you as an independent body. We do not contact any of the tenderers and nor do we share information. We will not make any recommendations (this is your job!) and the process remains totally confidential. If you want to know more please contact us at