Community Sector

The Social Value Act requires all Public Authorities to make their buying decisions based on social and environmental value as well as costs. This means that businesses bidding for work will need to form new social partnerships within local communities to win that work. This is where you come in!

The Listening Tree provides these businesses with access to local community initiatives and needs so that they can meet the requirements of The Act.

If you want to get noticed then we encourage you to register and upload information about what you are doing in your community.

What you can do here

Present you community project

Meet Businesses that may choose to partner with you to improve their Social Value

Learn about Social Value and how to measure it

Meet other communities and learn from each other

Let your Local Authority now what you are doing

We have formed a Partnership with Project Dirt, the UK’s most active network connecting and resourcing environmental and community projects so that people and projects can engage with each other, as well as the organisations looking to resource them

Why not register with project Dirt at the same time as we will be working with them to find the best projects and showcase these on our website.

What we ask you to do

One of the key principles of the Listening Tree is that we want Business and Local Authorities to listen to what you are saying, better understand what you are doing and what you need to make your project a success. We offer you the opportunity to meet them virtually so that you may show case your projects and hopefully form new social partnerships.

Who are you, who do you represent

Brief overview of your project

Why Business should choose your project to support – what’s in it for them

Contact details and any other relevant information (e.g. links to your website or Project Dirt face page)