Business Sector

The Social Value Act is a game changer and Business is now at the forefront of the delivery of Social Value as never before. Public Authorities are now bound to award new contracts based not only on cost, but also social and environmental performance. However, in our survey Local Authorities do not think that Business is ready with over 80% saying that they are not yet prepared.

It is also clear from work carried out by BITC and The Sustainable Business Partnership that Business is crying out for greater clarity and consistency.

The Social Value portal aims to bridge this gap in our collective knowledge by providing a ‘level playing field’ with guidance on measurement and reporting of Social Value especially with respect to procurement and commissioning.

The BUSINESS sector Portal is specifically aimed at those private sector organisations who wish to bid for public sector work or wish to implement the ‘spirit’ of The Act through their own procurement processes.

We have developed a simple and cost effective social value reporting methodology (see Accounting for Social Value) that will allow you to measure and report your value creation against Public Authority objectives in a way that will allow them to clearly judge and compare your social value proposals and will help you improve your overall performance.

The Portal allows members to access our unique geospatial interface, The Listening Tree, where you will be able to easily access Public Sector information, meet Charities and Social Enterprise in locality where you are working.

What you will need to know

Local Authority (LA) and public sector organisations corporate and social value strategies

Public sector corporate and social value objectives – what are they looking for?

Relevant KPIs and Metrics

Specific community organisations and needs to help you develop your social value strategy

Contact points and good practice case studies

What you might also need

Methodology for mapping business activities against public sector targets

Methodology for measuring and reporting Social Value and Impact

Financial proxies and other costings

Social Impact measurement tools

On-line training and qualifications

The Portal delivers

Public sector corporate strategies in standard reporting formats

Summary of relevant targets, KPIs and Metrics for each local authority

Measurement tools and calculators

Good practice case studies

Access to on-line training

Strategy Development

We can work with you to develop your Social Value strategy working with our Delivery Partners. Our rates for this service are ‘costs only’ and where possible we are committed to working with Local Providers to ensure value stays within your community. Our work includes

Strategy development

Metrics and measures

Analysis of your Social Value using either Accounting for Social Value Methodology or SROI

Form filling for tender submissions (where we are not directly involved in tender assessment with the Local Authority)

Want to get noticed or looking for a Social Partner?

If you want to get noticed and raise your profile or even looking to link up with a local charity of social enterprise, we would be happy to feature you on our site. For rates please contact us on