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Become a Social Value pro with Academy

Through our Social Value Academy, access quality content to support with acquiring basic knowledge about Social Value and what it is. The Academy can help you and your team to become better at applying Social Value concepts to win more bids, better evaluate bid submissions and also generate great new ideas on where Social Value can be harnessed from as well as the best way to approach and demonstrate it. ​​

What you'll learn with Academy

Build basic Social Value knowledge

Build basic Social Value knowledge

Understand the history and context of the Social Value movement, the jargon and learn what makes Social Value different to concepts like CSR, ESG and sustainability.

Win more bids

Win more bids

Enable your procurement teams to be conscious of how Social Value impacts bids and ensure your bids are not lost due to errors in projected values or lack of knowledge about quantifying Social Value.

Better evaluate inbound bids

Better evaluate inbound bids

Ensure you select the right bids and learn how to identify the best ones as well as verify a bidder’s Social Value response and its adherence to your requirements.

How it works

​Academy is a complete solution that supports you to not just understand Social Value, but also measure it and ensure your assets, initiatives and supply chain choic​es deliver value that support your business, brand, reputation and community.

  • Learn what Social Value is and why it is important to your organisation and employees​
  • Understand how to select the best suppliers or buyers that support your brand and reputation goals ​
  • Ensure your suppliers or buyers provide the correct evidence for the correct reporting of Social Value they deliver to your business​
  • Enhance brand and reputation by showing to your investors and community how you measure track and report on Social Value​
  • Come up with new innovative ways to measure and to harness Social Value from new areas of the business​
A birds eye view of people sat in a large open spaced café, with big glass windows looking onto a terrace with more people outside.
A birds eye view of people sat in a large open spaced café, with big glass windows looking onto a terrace with more people outside.

In a nutshell, social value in a business creates a ‘virtuous circle’. Businesses invest in their communities, helping them to thrive, leading to a healthier, more resilient community. And that, in turn, supports business success.

Guy Battle, CEO, Social Value Portal

Our methodology has enabled us to measure meaningful direct action, and the National TOMs framework creates a mutually reinforcing link between strategy and delivery.

Landsec, Social Value Portal Member
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Social Value Portal provides a clear mechanism for maximising social value at tender stage and in managing and reporting delivery – historically a weak area in the public sector.

Cardiff Council, Social Value Portal Member

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