Social Return on Investment

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Social Return on Investment

We were employed by a Waste Management Company (WMC) to carry out an assessment of its social impact in a London Borough (LB). We provided Social Impact Mapping for waste management services and community activities and an analysis of the Social Return on Investment (SROI) within the London Borough.

Key findings:

– The WMC delivers £2.09 of social value for every £1 spent by the London Borough for its waste management services
– Community projects deliver almost £30 in social value for every £1 sent and dramatically outperforms the core business activities in delivering social value.This is not surprising given that ‘society’ is at the centre of their conception.
– Where Business can link their core business activities to a community multiplier by placing ‘Social Value’ at the centre of their activities, then real and transformational impact will be achieved.
– SROI is not a perfect measure and requires a range of assumptions, nor is it ‘absolute’. However, it can prove a very useful tool in assessing ‘direction’ and ‘relative scale’ of impact