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Webinar - Can we address the cost of living and climate crisis at the same time?

Calendar iconTuesday 29 November - 14.00 GMT
Clock icon60 mins

This webinar was originally broadcast on 29 November 2022 and is now available to watch on-demand. Download the slides here.

A recent YouGov survey shows that ‘climate change’ still comes third (29%) of the top issues facing the UK, significantly behind the ‘cost of living’ (69%) and ‘the economy’ (58%).

Is the cost of living crisis changing general attitudes towards climate change? How do we ensure these issues are still addressed at the same time?

Don’t miss out on our upcoming roundtable webinar on Tuesday 29 November as we look at how we can tackle the cost of living and the climate crisis at the same time.

Our panel of experts will discuss:

  • The collective responsibility between government and businesses when addressing these issues as a coherent whole
  • The importance of investing in energy efficiency
  • Balancing our need for energy security in light of world geopolitics
  • How social value can be leveraged to tackle these issues together


Chris Clarke, Performance and Improvement Director – SCAPE

Richard Dooner, Programme Manager, Cymdeithas Llywodraeth Leol Cymru / Welsh Local Government Association

Sofie Hooper, Head of Policy – Institute for Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM)

Peter Schofield, Head of Integrated Commissioning and Procurement, Manchester City Council

Nathan Goode, Chief Strategy Officer – Social Value Portal

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