2021 National TOMs Framework update

The National TOMs Framework is updated periodically, building on feedback from users at different levels of maturity, and to reflect social value best practice and the evolving landscape of social value. This upcoming webinar will cover all the essentials of the updates to the framework, including the new environmental measures and the changes in proxy values.

What’s happening?

The 2021 TOMs Framework will see some changes in measure proxy values to reflect updates in statistical data available from key sources such as public datasets (ONS), as well as incorporating newly available research. Themes and Outcomes will remain the same and the fundamental basis of the framework will remain unchanged

How can I use the 2021 National TOMs?

We are making an exciting move to make our calculator available for free through our online portal. The online calculator will make it easier to use the TOMs to input data in a cloud-based environment.

The TOMs Framework will also be accessible for free.

Interested to see the TOMs in action?

Following the launch later this month, we will be hosting a webinar to cover all the essentials and answer any questions you might have about the new Framework. Register for free via the button below.

EDIT: This session is now available to watch on-demand

Date: Tuesday, 04 May, 2021

Time: 14.00 – 15.00

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