Performance and contract management in social value

How to make sure your suppliers are delivering the social value they promised

We’ve all got good intentions, haven’t we? But it’s very easy to start out on a project, only to realise that what we promised to deliver is harder than we thought. On the other hand, it’s also tricky to make sure that someone really is delivering what they said they would. This is all very true of social value contract management.

Public sector organisations all ask bidders to set out and commit to providing social value benefits if they win a tender – but then what happens? It can take a lot of resources to really track whether those benefits are being delivered and to measure social value.

Social Value Portal is determined to help organisations make sure that they’re not missing out on the benefits they thought were on the way. We’ve packed our guide ‘Performance and contract management in social value’ full of best practice and ideas for approaches and techniques you could use.

For example, how clearly do you ask bidders for real, tangible information about the social value they deliver? You need to set out your own organisation’s objectives and detail what a bidder really needs to do to score well in this area.

Once a bidder wins, how well do you link the contract’s key performance indicators to social value? If you set performance standards, you can hold your supplier to account. We’ve put some examples of how to do this in the guide.

At the end of the day, if a successful bidder doesn’t deliver the social value that it committed to, it’s local communities who miss out.

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