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  • Guy Battle
  • 2 minutes
  • 09/09/2022

The value of loyalty and service

Queen Elizabeth II 1926 • 2022

It’s intangible, it’s unbelievably hard to define, and yet when it’s gone, it leaves a gaping hole.  

We valued her so much and yet I find it hard to express, let alone quantify, what she gave us and what we have now lost. 

I know it hurts. I am in shock and it feels so unreal. After all, she has been with me, steadily in the background, for my whole life. Like that constant rhythm and beat that defines the tune, she has defined our nation, and indeed in many ways, my own life.  

Loss is an intensely personal thing. We all feel it differently, and we will all mourn in the manner of our choosing. I lost my mother in 2001 when she was only 62. She was young, and it was an intense feeling of loss. Of course, the Queen’s death should not be compared to my mother’s. Yet somehow, I feel it is a barometer that makes sense. Don’t ask me to explain it, I am not that good with words… 

Ask an economist about her value and they will tell you about the financial upsides – tourism, income taxes, merchandise, brand value. Of course, she delivered tangible benefits for the country. 

But, for me her consistency, her patience, her random and unexpected smile, her sense of service and her enduring loyalty, were her greatest contributions.

You will know by now that I am an unashamed monarchist. I recognise that some of you may not share my feelings. Some reading this post may be wondering what all this fuss is about.  

Well, she has been a constant since 1952 – a long, long time! Her reign spanned fifteen prime ministers, from Winston Churchill to Liz Truss. She witnessed the Second World War, the space age, the first colour TV, the internet, the mobile phone and so much more.   

For 70 years she was a constant, calm and reassuring presence – never in your face, just being. Somehow, we shared all this with her, our nation’s experience with the Queen. 

We mourn her passing, not just as Queen, but as a great woman.  

On behalf of us all at Social Value Portal, we thank her Royal Highness for all she has given, and look to a new era under King Charles III. 

Long live the King. 

Guy Battle 

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Guy Battle


Guy Battle is the Chief Executive of Social Value Portal – an online solution that allows organisations to measure and manage the contribution that their organisation and supply chain makes to society.