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  • 3 minutes
  • 14/02/2022

Our next chapter: Making good go further

Chief Executive Guy Battle introduces Social Value Portal's new identity and explains the importance of our evolution.

Guy Battle branded pictureChief Executive Guy Battle introduces Social Value Portal’s new identity and explains the importance of our evolution.

We’re changing how we look and embarking on simplifying things, and it feels like we’ve grown up – no longer that young dreamer. We’re putting weight behind real values, big ideas and a proper team – now over 85 people strong. One thing that hasn’t changed: we still wear our passion on our sleeves. #MakingGoodGoFurther is why we’re all here.

Call us idealists if you will, but we are on a mission to #MakeGoodGoFurther and our new identity is designed to reflect what we value most:

  • Collaboration​ – We’re all about radical collaboration. We don’t just give you the tools, we show you how to use them to make good go further. Our team of social value experts will work with you, whenever you need it, to unlock the impact you want to have and the purpose you want to show.
  • Transparency​ – We’re ‘the place’ for open dialogue on social value. Organisations from across all sectors turn to us to learn about social value. Whether you’re managing a bid process or competing in it, we provide transparent, standardised and scalable social value management.
  • Community​ – At its heart, the social value movement is designed to build sustainable, progressive and thriving communities – we’re on a mission to make that good go global.
  • Accountability​ – Our approach is entirely evidence-based, ensuring we, and our clients, are continually held accountable – we don’t just help set the targets,we ensure you’re delivering against them – no green wash to be found here.

building social value with black text and aperture circleOur bold, fresh new look represents our mission to engage, enable and empower people and organisations to work together. Our colour community is important to us – no longer various shades of green (so yesterday and one dimensional!), but a range designed to reflect our diversity of intent – to support jobs, to help local businesses grow, to support communities and to help regenerate the environment.

You may hear our language change slightly, but our focus remains on the outcomes; the real changes that we are bringing about for people, places and the environment. Whilst the numbers remain important for practical reasons to help understand the scale of our contributions and ensure social value is taken seriously, we recognise that they are neither the real story nor the reason why we are here – to make good go further.

Importantly, we know social value is a concept wide-reaching and so we’ve been working to make what we say much easier to understand and for you to find the information you need to help you on your own journey.

We’re excited about our bold new step out into the world, but rest assured some things will remain: our expert knowledge, our personable people, our entrepreneurial spirit and our valuable customer care – helping you to make good go further is still our number one objective.

So please, have a look at The Value Add, read some amazing case studies, watch some videos and on-demand webinars from leaders across the sector. And of course, learn all about the National TOMs, the only social value measurement framework to be endorsed and used widely across the public and private sectors.