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  • 10/07/2018
Social Value Portal officially on G-Cloud 10

Social Value Portal officially on G-Cloud 10

We are delighted to announce that the Social Value Portal has now officially joined the G-Cloud 10 framework available on the Digital Marketplace and is currently the sole provider for measuring, procuring, managing and monitoring social value.

The benefits for SVP of being on G-Cloud is that all public-sector organizations will be able to call off our services quickly and efficiently without the need for expensive and time-consuming tenders.

Our successful registration follows hard on the heels of the recent announcement by Cabinet Office Minister, David Lidington who announced that the Social Value Act will be strengthened saying “the Social Value Act will be extended to ensure that all government departments explicitly evaluate social value when commissioning services”.

Lidington goes onto say that “the changes to the act, specifically the requirement to explicitly evaluate social value when awarding contracts, would ensure that contracts were awarded on the basis of more than just value for money – but a company’s values too, so that their actions in society are rightly recognized and rewarded”.

And this strengthening is very timely and reflects the enormous success of those sections of local government who are now delivering significant additional value for the communities that they represent through the effective integration of the Social Value into their procurement and contract management processes.

The announcement by David Lidington will greatly encourage central government departments to take social value seriously building on the great strides made by CCS in embedding social value into many of its frameworks.

To understand more about how to create more value for through procurements please visit our page on the Digital Marketplace or our website.

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