Introducing the new Units Toolkit

What’s new on the Portal: Units Toolkit

Our Portal is always finding new and better ways to help manage and report data.

We have an exciting new development on the Social Value Portal: the introduction of a Units Toolkit.

The Units Toolkit has been designed to allow Portal users to easily calculate their social value using the correct units required by the TOMs Framework, supporting improved accuracy of data entry.

Now, users will no longer need to manually ‘translate’ their data into different units.

Some measurement units within the Framework do not always match the expectation of how one would measure a particular initiative, or may not match with an existing internal approach. This is why the toolkit is key in converting your data to align with the standards of the Framework, so reporting is done uniformly. One such example is measuring apprenticeships in weeks not years.

Working with the TOMs Framework ensures that social value is measured and reported on accurately, and the Units Toolkit now makes that process more efficient and easier for organisations and their suppliers.

The toolkit can specifically serve to help suppliers streamline their social value bidding process on the Portal, as more accurate data entry means fewer clarification questions will likely be required.

All unit calculators within the toolkit are available to all users on the Portal, meaning users can use any, or all of the calculators, depending on the particular version of the TOMs Framework they may be reporting against.


If you’re interested in understanding a little more about the Portal and how measurement works, get in touch with us at or request a demonstration.

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