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  • 18/10/2022

Apply for the Accelerator Programme

We are pleased to offer an opportunity to small and micro enterprises to work with Social Value Portal to enhance your social value maturity, so you can effectively communicate the value that you deliver.

We are pleased to announce, we’re offering an opportunity for four small/micro-sized B-corps or social value enterprises to work with us to enhance your social value maturity, and effectively communicate the value that you deliver.

Increasingly, we find organisations are considering their business activities holistically and considering the wider economic, social and environmental outcomes of their actions. Those who are making a conscious effort to ensure these outcomes are positive, are adding Social Value, and contributing to the wellbeing and resilience of individuals, communities and the wider society. We’re here to support organisations to do better work and create more sustainable communities through making it the norm to measure social value within day-to-day business activity.

As such, we want to make doing good go further as well. We’re excited for our business to be making a commitment to support up to four organisations to build their social value maturity, through our platform and consultative services, free of charge. Please read on to find out more on the Accelerator Programme, how we will select applicants, what support will be provided, and how you can apply.

Applications close 18 November 2022.