As responsible investing moves to the forefront of the real estate industry, implementing a modern, robust and transparent ESG programme is more important than ever.   The Rise of Responsibility 2020 shifted corporate and investor focus more towards sustainability than ever before. Responsible investing and Environmental, Social

2020 has been a tough for everyone, with each of us having to bear our share of the burden and pain. For some, this has been urgently procuring PPE, and for others, it has been dealing with home schooling. But of course, the burden of pain

At Eric Wright FM, we believe that everyone wants to: Contribute towards social value; support the communities in which they work; and make a difference. So, the question is: How can we drive social value through employee engagement? Within this article we’ll explore: Eric Wright FM's approach to

What’s new on the Portal: Units Toolkit Our Portal is always finding new and better ways to help manage and report data. We have an exciting new development on the Social Value Portal: the introduction of a Units Toolkit. The Units Toolkit has been designed to allow Portal