National TOMs 2021 Updates

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National TOMs 2021 Updates

The National TOMs Framework is updated annually, building on feedback from users at different levels of maturity, and to reflect social value best practice and the evolving landscape of social value.

What’s being updated?

The 2021 TOMs Framework will see some changes in measure proxy values to reflect updates in statistical data available from key sources such as public datasets (ONS), as well as incorporating newly available research.

  • Feedback from users at different levels of maturity of the TOMs framework has been considered to improve the framework.
  • Proxy values are updated annually to reflect updates in statistical data available from key sources such as public datasets including ONS, as well as incorporating new research available
  • Themes and Outcomes remain unchanged, so the fundamental basis of the framework is still the same, apart from one new “fair work” outcome (users of the FM plug in will be familiar with this Outcome since end of 2020).

Try the National TOMs Framework online

Want to see how easy using the National TOMs can be? Try it out now through our free online tool.*

*To register for a tender, you must use the unique registration link provided in your tender documentation. You can also contact

How can I use the 2021 National TOMs?

The National TOMs are available for free through our online portal. The portal will make it easier to use the TOMs to input data in a cloud-based environment.

The TOMs Framework will be accessible for free.

You can also download the supporting TOMs handbook.

Watch our webinar on the 2021 updates

We hosted a webinar covering all the essentials around the new Framework, including new measures and changes to proxy values. You can watch a recording of the session for free.

Interested to see the TOMs in action?

If you’d like to see how the TOMs can be used through our portal to manage your projects or social value outputs, book a demo with a member of our team.


  • The use of the National TOMs Framework, including values and figures provided or accessed through the calculator, is covered by the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. .
  • Organisations may use the framework for the measurement, comparison or evaluation of social value, even where this is for commercial advantage. However, the framework or any of its individual components may not be resold as part of a commercial offering to measure, compare or evaluate social value.
  • Organisations wishing to include the framework as part of a commercial offering (e.g. for consulting purposes) must contact: Read further details on licensing and attribution requirements.