National TOMs Engagement Survey

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National TOMs Engagement Survey

Are you using the National TOMs, or interested in pushing forward the Social Value agenda?

Fill in our Engagement Survey at the bottom of the page to be part of the next stage of development of the National TOMs Framework for Social Value Measurement!

This survey, supported by the National Social Value Taskforce, has been developed to obtain feedback from   current and potential users of the TOMs measurement system to further enhance the system going forward.

The National TOMs Framework (TOMs) is a continually evolving solution that aims to help organisations to articulate, deliver and measure social value. It establishes common ground that helps the community of social value practitioners compare experiences, benchmark and share learning.

This is why we need you as a user or potential user of the TOMs to tell us more about what you need in terms new areas of measurement and valuation, and new functionalities. The results of the survey will inform further development of the TOMs to better suit your needs.

We will use the information collected to engage with other research institutions with the objective of influencing their agendas to meet current and future demand.

The survey will run periodically to continue monitoring evolving needs and adapt to those. This survey will close on the 15th of August to enable the results to inform the National Taskforce debate on what areas of development to pursue for the National TOMs framework.