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The National TOMs COVD-19 Plug-in contains:

  1. COVID-19 contract management provisions for managing existing contracts where the National TOMs 2020 have been already applied; and
  2. A set of new COVID-19 measures for new tenders which can be added to or substituted for National TOMs 2020 measures

This Plug-in is expected to evolve as we continue to work with stakeholders to identify how Social Value can help to tackle the COVID-19 crisis and further updates are likely. Users should check for latest updates before applying the Plug-in.

COVID-19 is an unprecedented global crisis that is placing tremendous pressure on people, communities and businesses. Dealing with the social and economic effects of COVID-19 calls for both immediate and longer-term responses, so social value at this time is more important than ever. However, COVID-19 has also completely changed the priorities for organisations and the resources available to them. The intention behind the COVID-19 plug-in is to ensure a focus on social value is retained but that the unusual and challenging situation in which both suppliers and commissioners find themselves is recognised.

It is not the intention of this Plug-in to impose further obligations on organisations that will already be seriously affected by this crisis but to provide a transparent process to help procuring and reporting organisations monitor how bidders and suppliers can contribute to mitigating the effects of COVID-19 and responding to the emergency. We recommend that both the COVID-19 measures and those in the existing National TOMs are applied with flexibility during these challenging times and with due consideration to the specific context for the contract, the ability of suppliers to deliver and the timescale over which this can take place.

  1. The COVID-19 contract management provisions can be applied to contracts that have already been awarded and include commitments made against the National TOMs 2020 framework which are now in the delivery phase and have been affected by regulations imposed to tackle the COVID-19 crisis or by the wider social and economic effects of the crisis.
  2. The new COVID-19 measures can be included in newly tendered contracts or re-negotiated on existing awarded contracts. Commitments made against earlier versions of the National TOMs (2019 or 2018) can also be revised using the COVID-19 Plug-in.

Use the TOMs Framework and COVID-19 Plug-in

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Please note that the Social Value Proxies provided are based on pre-crisis scenarios and do not reflect the potential effects of COVID-19 on productivity, demand and provision of different services. Measures that are expected to make a material contribution to addressing the immediate crisis have been highlighted in a dedicated column headed “Relevance to COVID-19 crisis response.

It is recommended that the COVID-19 provisions should be effective for social value reporting from 16th March 2020.

Please note that when the COVID-19 Plug-in is used during procurement we recommend that the prioritisation tool is applied to all COVID-19 measures to ensure that they are appropriately weighted.

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