National TOMs 2020 Engagement Survey

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National TOMs 2020 Engagement Survey

Have your say and further the social value movement

Have you been using the National TOMs Framework, the National TOMs for Wales or any of the TOMs plug-ins? Maybe you haven’t used them yet, but are interested to do so in the future? Do you have some ideas on furthering the social value movement?

Then we’d like to hear from you.

The National TOMs 2020 Engagement Survey is designed to:

  • Engage in the social value and National TOMs movement to understand the broader role for social value, especially as we enter our post-pandemic “Recover and Renew” phase
  • Drive continuous improvement for the National TOMs Framework by collecting specific feedback and building on collective learnings
  • Understand ‘what good looks like’ and set benchmarks to assess maturity
  • Innovate – to collect new ideas and expand the movement

Why complete the survey?

This year, organisations advocating for, or looking to embed social value, are facing harsher trade-offs and resource limitations, but are also uncovering new opportunities to build on the resilience and mutual support that the response to the COVID-19 crisis has built within our communities.

Whether you are looking to unlock, deliver or benefit from social value interventions, we invite you to submit your hopes and aspirations for what the social value movement can do for our communities. We’d like to understand your priorities and challenges to ‘recover and renew’ to ‘Build Back Better’.

If you are already using the National TOMs 2020, we invite your feedback to ensure the Framework continues to improve.

The information gathered will provide useful insight into shaping the support resources and will inform the development of the open source National TOMs Framework into the future, ensuring it remains fit-for-purpose.

The survey will take about 10 minutes to complete.

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