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The National TOMs were officially launched at the National Social Value Conference on the 14th of November 2017.

Updated proxy values and guidance have since been published in November 2018 and now, even further expanded, in January 2020.

The 2020 update includes the Real Estate Plugin (originally published as part of the 2019 update), and the COVID-19 Plugin as integral parts. Further Plug-Ins are due for publication in 2020.

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Why a National Measurement Framework?

The aim of the National TOMs Framework is to provide a minimum reporting standard for measuring social value. For those organisations (private and public) just starting out on their journey to embed social value into their procurement and management processes, it provides an easy to use solution that is immediately available, and may be applied to any project. For those organisations that are already well advanced, the hope is that they will integrate these standards into their measurement approach as a minimum, and add any Measures that they presently do not have in their own toolkit.

The principal benefits of a minimum and consistent reporting standard for social value are that it:

  1. Provides a consistent approach to measuring and reporting social value
  2. Allows for continuous improvement
  3. Provides a robust, transparent and defensible solution for assessing and awarding tenders
  4. Allows organisations to compare their own performance by sector and industry benchmarks and understand what good looks like
  5. Reduces the uncertainty surrounding social value measurement for businesses, allowing them to make informed decisions based on robust quantitative assessments and hence embed social value into their corporate strategies

The National TOMs Framework has been designed around 5 principal issues, 20 Core Outcomes and 48 Core Measures:

  • Themes – The overarching strategic themes that an organisation is looking to pursue
  • Outcomes – The objectives or goals that an organisation is looking to achieve that will contribute to the Theme.
  • Measures – The measures that can be used to assess whether these Outcomes have been achieved. For the National TOMs Framework, these re action based and represent activities that a supplier could complete to support a particular desired outcome.

Download the TOMs Framework and plug-ins

To download the National TOMs including the real estate and COVID-19 plug-ins, please complete the form through the download link.

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The 5 Themes are as follows:

  • Jobs: Promote Local Skills and Employment: To promote growth and development opportunities for all within a community and ensure that they have access to opportunities to develop new skills and gain meaningful employment.
  • Growth: Supporting Growth of Responsible Regional Business: To provide local businesses with the skills to compete and the opportunity to work as part of public sector and big business supply chains.
  • Social: Healthier, Safer and more Resilient Communities: To build stronger and deeper relationships with the voluntary and social enterprise sectors whilst continuing to engage and empower citizens.
  • Environment: Decarbonising and Safeguarding our World: To ensure the places where people live and work are cleaner and greener, to promote sustainable procurement and secure the long-term future of our planet.
  • Innovation: Promoting Social Innovation: To promote new ideas and find innovative solutions to old problems.

How can the National TOMs be used?

The National TOMs Framework has been designed to help organisations in four principal business activities. They are not exclusive to public sector organisations and may be used by public, private or third sector providers.

  1. Measurement and Valuation.
  2. Procurement and Bid Management.
  3. Bid Submissions.
  4. Contract Management.

Putting a value on ‘Social Value’

In this version of the National TOMs, we have also published a set of ‘Proxy Values’ that will allow users to assess the financial impact that any measure will make. It is of course recognised that social value is not all about ‘money’ but nonetheless this is an important metric to help understand the scale and breadth of impact that a measure can make. Importantly, it allows procuring bodies to compare tenders in a way that is proportional and relevant to the bid, and to better justify a procurement decision.

More than just measurement

Of course, it is important to measure what has been delivered and to maintain a record of past performance; that is the traditional role of measurement. The National TOMs Framework, however, looks to go much further and has been designed not only to measure what has already been done but also to deliver the change that organisations want to see. In this respect, the TOMs can be seen as an agent for change and each outcome and measure has been developed to reflect a need and to encourage businesses to become involved in supporting the fulfilment of that need.

Keeping the National TOMs ‘Live’

The National TOMs Framework is not a static tool and has to evolve to reflect changing needs and pressures in society. They will therefore be updated on an annual basis. Work on the National TOMs 2021 will start immediately following release of the 2020 edition, ready for consultation and subsequent publication in 2021. Any organisation can make representations for additional Outcomes and Measures to be included and these will be debated and analysed by a newly formed research advisory board before final approval by the Social Value Taskforce.

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The National TOMs COVD-19 Plug-in contains:

  1. COVID-19 contract management provisions for managing existing contracts where the National TOMs 2020 have been already applied; and
  2. A set of new COVID-19 measures for new tenders which can be added to or substituted for National TOMs 2020 measures

This Plug-in is expected to evolve as we continue to work with stakeholders to identify how Social Value can help to tackle the COVID-19 crisis and further updates are likely. Users should check for latest updates before applying the Plug-in.

COVID-19 is an unprecedented global crisis that is placing tremendous pressure on people, communities and businesses. Dealing with the social and economic effects of COVID-19 calls for both immediate and longer-term responses, so social value at this time is more important than ever. However, COVID-19 has also completely changed the priorities for organisations and the resources available to them. The intention behind the COVID-19 plug-in is to ensure a focus on social value is retained but that the unusual and challenging situation in which both suppliers and commissioners find themselves is recognised.

It is not the intention of this Plug-in to impose further obligations on organisations that will already be seriously affected by this crisis but to provide a transparent process to help procuring and reporting organisations monitor how bidders and suppliers can contribute to mitigating the effects of COVID-19 and responding to the emergency. We recommend that both the COVID-19 measures and those in the existing National TOMs are applied with flexibility during these challenging times and with due consideration to the specific context for the contract, the ability of suppliers to deliver and the timescale over which this can take place.

  1. The COVID-19 contract management provisions can be applied to contracts that have already been awarded and include commitments made against the National TOMs 2020 framework which are now in the delivery phase and have been affected by regulations imposed to tackle the COVID-19 crisis or by the wider social and economic effects of the crisis.
  2. The new COVID-19 measures can be included in newly tendered contracts or re-negotiated on existing awarded contracts. Commitments made against earlier versions of the National TOMs (2019 or 2018) can also be revised using the COVID-19 Plug-in.