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 Day 1 On-demand

View all the sessions from Day 1 of the 2021 National Social Value Conference, which took place on 23 February 2021.

Opening and Keynote

CONFERENCE KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Baroness Barran MBE, Minister for Civil Society

KEYNOTE PANEL DISCUSSION: Why social value matters even more in a post-COVID world

You may have thought that through a pandemic, social value would have taken a back seat as our public sector dealt with the sourcing of PPE and keeping our communities safe. Whilst it is true that there was a short blip in progress, it now seems that social value has exploded in importance as never before. We have seen this in the latest guidance from central government on embedding social value into procurements, and the massive response that business has made to the pandemic. But as we emerge into the sunlight from our year-long incarceration; what next, and how can we work together across the public/private sector divide to help our communities recover, rebuild and renew? Key issues that our panel will discuss include, why does social value matter; what is community wealth building; how do we solve the issue of inequality that the pandemic has so cruelly highlighted, and what role does business and investment have to play in helping us recover?

Afternoon keynote and panel discussion

Claire Dove CBE in conversation with Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester Combined Authority
Greater Manchester Combined Authority has been leading the debate on social value for many years and has recently released its new social value framework that will look to “use social value to tackle the inequalities around us and make the things that we do, good, fair and sustainable”. But what does this actually mean and how does the Mayor propose to bridge the gap between the public and private sectors? Andy Burnham will be joined in conversation with Claire Dove CBE, VSCE Crown Representative to begin to explore the challenges and opportunities ahead of us all as we begin to recover and renew.

KEYNOTE PANEL DISCUSSION: Should social value be at the centre of how we make our communities ‘great again’?

Chair: Darren Knowd Panellists: Paul Dennett, Amy Harhoff, Stuart FiertzCllr John Cotton

It’s no joke, our communities have been hit hard by the pandemic and we need a plan to make them great again. This might be a phrase borrowed from across the Atlantic, but the challenge before us is obvious as the pandemic has shone a bright light on the inequalities that are baked into our society. In this panel discussion, we will hear from the Mayor of City of Salford and his vision for the city, as well as the common challenges facing our communities across the UK and how the private sector can be galvanised with ‘fair money’ to invest and help deliver a sustainable recovery that is both green and fair.

Launch of the National TOMs 2021

Join us for the launch of the 2021 National TOMs framework.

Guy Battle, CEO, Social Value Portal
Agnese Mizia, Head of Research & Innovation, Social Value Porta

Social Value Awards and Closing Summary

Join us for the first half of the 2021 Social Value Awards where judges will present the following awards:

Public Sector Leadership Award; Project Award – Social Innovation Award; Project Award – Embedding Social Value in Procurement Processes; Project Award – Embedding Social Value in Contract Management; Project Award – Social Value Through Decent Work; and the SME Leadership Award.

Also join us for the closing summary of day 1.

Breakout sessions

Integrating social value in central government procurement

2020 saw the long-awaited release of Procurement Policy Note PPN06/20 which describes how central government is now committed to embedding social value into all contracts weighting of at least 10%; this is changing the face of central government procurement. Join this session to hear directly from the authors of the Policy as well as Crown Commercial Service who are embedding social value into all of their procurements. We will also hear about the good progress made by the National Social Value Taskforce to map the National TOMs to the new government Social Value Model.

Chair: Campbell McDonald

Panellists: Charlene Maginnis, Samantha Butler, Antony Mitchell, Angela Halliday, Nikki Rowbottom

Social value for beginners

Embedding social value has the potential of extending the reach of the public pound by over 25%. This means that for every £10m spend through procurement, done well, public sector buyers could get an additional £2.5m in added social value at no extra cost. This session will look at the steps that buyers just starting out on their journey need to unlock more value for communities through procurement and benefits realisation.

Chair: Terry Brewer

Panellists: Sasha Walton, Carol Glenn

Developing a social value measurement framework for the housing sector

Social value has long been recognised as a key driver for housing by stakeholders across the sector, but embedding it reliably, consistently and sustainably throughout the housing lifecycle is an ongoing challenge, rendered particularly urgent by the turbulence that COVID has created. As panel of experts from across the sector will discuss what works in terms of social value implementation and delivery and the need for a robust standard for measuring and reporting social value.

Chair: Nathan Goode

Panellists: Chichi Onyenemelu, Emily Alexander

Integrating social value into the planning process

Social value is transforming public sector procurement because it delivers more value but is passing the planning team by. This makes no sense. Across the UK, new construction is worth over £100 billion per year and if social value was embedded into the planning system, this would deliver an additional £30 billion to communities. Join this session to hear from those councils who are leading the way and how communities can benefit from better engagement.

Chair: Guy Battle

Panellists: Claire Thorn, Mark Dickens, Wesley Ankrah, Tessa Alcorn

National policy statement and feedback to the green paper

The recently issued Green Paper “Transforming Public Procurement” is open for consultation and its content has been warmly received so far. The impending National Procurement Policy Statement also intends to legislate to require contracting authorities to have regard to the government’s strategic priorities for public procurement in a new National Procurement Policy Statement, including linking the elements of social value through into procurement in priority areas. Is this a big opportunity for social value to be centre stage in procurement and projects or should we recommend going even further?


Speakers: Darren Knowd, Peter Schofield

How can social value help London build back better?

Working collaboratively with partner organisations, The London Sustainable Development Commission has been looking at how to improve social value across London’s regeneration and development sector. Most recently, they have turned their attention to the current challenges facing London as it recovers from the COVID pandemic. This session will highlight the recovery work underway in London and how social value approaches could help shape how the city, and other cities around the UK, can build back better. The LSDC will launch their social value insights paper summarising four key challenges facing London, and suggesting responses to those challenges.

Speakers: Maria Adebowale-Schwarte, Bianca Goulden, Sophia Cox, Flora Samuel, Jude Hassall, James Parkinson

Social value success: Three perspectives

As we look to the future, whilst also having to address our immediate response to the COVID pandemic, a social value ‘re-think’ can help procurement and businesses alike to bring the maximum value to communities. This session will look at three perspectives from councillor, procurement and commissioner.

Chair: Lorraine Cox

Panellists: Elizabeth McKenna, Councillor Tom Ross, Michael Halsall, Tracey Harrison

Benefits realisation and what happens when it goes wrong

Allocating the resources required to manage contracts effectively has historically been challenging for the public sector. The inclusion of social value into contract management requirements adds to these challenges and public sector organisations are also concerned about the possible non-delivery of social value offers made. This session will consider techniques to simplify contract management pre-procurement, and the approaches to take to minimise problems arising during the delivery phase. And if all goes wrong despite actions taken, the session will look at how you can establish and apply remedies.

Speakers: Cindy Nadesan, Terry Brewer, Julian Blake

Social value: What does good look like?

Despite (and also because of) COVID-19, 2020 saw big strides forward in the quality and volume of social value delivered by the construction sector. Scape and Social Value Portal will talk through the headline findings of their benchmarking report and what this tells us about the maturity of the sector in social value terms, building on the results of the first report to the 2020 National Social Value Conference.

Chair: Nathan Goode

Panellists: Marie Binnert, Johnny Roscoe, Gus Tugendhat

How to engage more SMEs and VCSEs

It is clear that social value is transforming the relationship between the public sector and its suppliers – for the better. However, as we rush into a new normal, it is vital that requirements to submit a social value offer do not add an unnecessary burden to the process, especially for SMEs and VCSEs. This session will specifically look at steps that buyers can take to ensure that smaller businesses are not disadvantaged.

Chair: Katrina Browning

Panellists: Stuart Key, Alfie Gilbert

Can big infrastructure deliver additional social value?

Big infrastructure is likely to play a big role in the recovery from COVID-19. So how do we optimise this? Is enough planning going into social value strategies for major projects, or is social value still being treated just as a bolt-on? Our panel will talk about how they, and their organisations, will be building next-generation social value into major project delivery.

Chair: Guy Battle

Panellists: Barry White, Aaron Reid, Malcolm Dare, Faye Jenkins

Creating a social value framework to meet the needs of local communities

The National TOMs Framework has been designed to help unlock value for local communities through procurement and benefits realisation. It has been designed for use across the country, but of course the UK is made up of many regions and local communities each with different needs and opportunities. This session will look at how the framework can be adapted to meet local needs and how communities can be engaged in developing place-centred TOMs.

Chair: Agnese Mizia

Panellists: Steve Whitton, Steve Robinson, Phoebe Dennis

Developing your social value statement

Councils are being increasingly asked about what they are doing and how they are embedding social value. During this session the panel will present the latest National Social Value Taskforce guidance on how to prepare and write a social value statement including case studies by Suffolk County Council, London Borough of Waltham Forest, and London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham.

Chair: Cindy Nadesan

Panellists: Katrina Browning, Joanna Busz Dahlgren, Kamal Motalib, Andra Ulianov, Ilaria Agueci