Membership Details

The site is free to use for anyone who wants to view and upload their information and details although you will need to register first. You will be able to view and download all publically available information for free.

On registration you will be sent and a confirmation of your username and password – please keep it safe as we do not yet have a ‘forgot password’ function yet.

Solutions and Services

We offer a range of packages that have been designed to provide you with the solutions that you may need. Please contact us directly if you want us to design a ‘bespoke’ package for you.

Package 1 – Worksheets

We have designed a range of worksheets that you will be able to use to complete you Accounting for Social Value analysis

  • Accounting for Social Value – Master Worksheet (Excel)
  • Outcome and Impact Mapping Worksheet (Excel)
  • Worked Example for CleanCo Worksheet (Excel)

Package 2 – Public Sector Social Value Policies and Targets

For each Public Authority we provide information relevant to their Social Value Strategy which may include:-

  • Social Value Policies (PDF)
  • Procurement Strategies (PDF)
  • Social Value Metrics and Measures (Excel Worksheet)

Where we do not have information immediately available, we will source this for you at no additional charge.

Please note that any publically available information is available to download at no charge on The Listening Tree

Package 3 – KPI Library

We provide Guidance on deciding your KPIs in ‘Developing Your Strategy’. However to make life easier we have also begun to develop a KPI Library. Over time we will collect, sort and publish the most popular KPIs by category.

  • Example Objectives, Measures and Metrics (Excel format)
  • Social Value KPI Library
  • Sustainability KPI Library

Package 4 – Annual Service – Solutions and Services

We offer a ‘Solutions and Services’ package that includes the following

  • Worksheets
  • Public Sector Social Value Policies and Targets (for up to 10)
  • KPI Library

Package 4 is based on an annual subscription fee for organisations that wish to have full access to all of our solutions. As a part of this service we will source Local Authority Social Value Targets (up to 10No.) and provide you with pre-prepared Worksheets to allow you to complete your own Social Value Analysis


Please contact us directly for further information regarding fees.

We also offer a range of discounts for organisations such as Social Enterprises and Third Sector Providers and for those that have either the Social Enterprise mark or are certified with the Planet Mark

For additional Consulting Services please see here