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Why are KPIs important

Key Performance Indicators are used to assess the progress and delivery of your targets. They are an essential part of the implementation process of your Social Value Strategy.

They provide clear guidance on what you are looking to achieve – your target outcomes

They allow you to assess progress

They help you understand when you have reached your targets

They help you build a common language around Social Value that is shared and understood by stakeholders

Social Value KPI Library

We provide Guidance on deciding your KPIs in Developing Your Strategy. We have developed a bespoke methodology that guides Social Value measurement and delivery  – Themes, Outcomes and Measures (TOMs) matrix. 

TOMs are an integral part of determining a Social Value Strategy. This is a starting point with any client and project.

A sample TOMs matrix 

If you wish us to support you on identifying the most appropriate KPIs/TOMs for your organisation, please contact us.

National TOMs

In November 2017, the Social Value Taskforce released the National Framework for Social Value Measurement at the National Social Value Conference 2017.  It contains an initial 38 measures covering Economic, Social and Environmental issues, designed to be widely applicable across many sectors. Sector plugins are currently being designed to provide more detailed coverage in specific sectors, such as Real Estate or Health.

The 2018 TOMs are due for release at the National Social Value Conference 2018.  If you are interested in attending the conference, please click here.