How to include social value in digital procurements

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How to include social value in digital procurements

Social Value is now a key factor in public sector procurement and a large majority of local authorities seek social value as part of their procurement processes.

From 1 January 2021, following the publication of Procurement Policy Note (PPN) 06/20, government departments are required to seek social value in their procurements.

Spend by local government in the digital sector is estimated to be around £2.6 billion, so it is important that companies operating in the digital sector can deliver social value. The digital sector faces a bigger challenge, as many services are delivered remotely making it more difficult to deliver social value to local communities.

To meet this challenge, Social Value Portal formed a digital sector working group to explore the challenges faced by digital sector bidders, and how these might be addressed. This Guide is the outcome of the group’s work.

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