Going Global

Our plan is to go Global, after all, Social Value is not limited to the UK!

Over time we intend to become a global service connected 1000’s of NGOs and communities across the world providing live stakeholder information as it is happening.

Why is this needed?

Stakeholder Issues – For organisations that are working internationally, The Listening Tree will help identify the key community groups they need to engage with and help them identify the issues that they need to address.

Spreading the word – Through The Public Services (Social Value) Act the UK has developed a unique and powerful tool that will transform public sector procurement through the engagement of Business, The Third Sector and Civil Society. We want to share this opportunity and ensure that Social Value Creation becomes a core issue wherever you are in the world.

The LISTENING TREE will deliver….

  • Local stakeholder issues by region and locality
  • Summary of any relevant targets, KPIs and Metrics for each
  • Good practice and local case studies
  • Measurement solutions
  • Local contacts
  • Live sentiment feedback
  • Access to on-line market place where members can place their own requirements for services (i.e. auction)
  • Ability to create and download reports
  • Allow local business to show case projects and advertise their services

Services we can offer you now

If you are a Government body or NGO and want to learn more about how to create and promote the benefits of The Social Value Act, we can provide you with advice and support.

Strategy and Measurement
If you need advice around Social Value strategy development and measurement, our team of consultants would be pleased to support you

If you need a speaker to attend a presentation, we can link you with someone who will make a difference.

For more information, please contact us at info@socialvalueportal.com

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