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The Social Value Portal have been working with ESPO to incorporate social value into their procurement frameworks, enabling their customers to obtain the benefits of social value.

ESPO’s frameworks are available to customers across the public sector and already promote high quality, value for money procurement for the sector. The inclusion of social value is the next step forward in supporting ESPO’s customers to deliver economic, social and environmental value for their communities.

Through working with us, ESPO’s goals are:

  • To help public bodies across the UK realise the benefits social value can bring to their communities when using our frameworks.
  • Make the process of incorporating and measuring social value more accessible within public sector procurement.
  • Set a new benchmark and standard for best practice in how social value is managed by framework providers.
  • Drive change in the sector.
  • Embed social value at an unprecedented scale, across 120 frameworks, providing goods and services across the spectrum of local authority buying requirements.

A number of frameworks have been enabled to include social value and details of these frameworks that are now available for customers to access below. We will continue to update this list over the year.

Framework Start Date
121_20 Sandwiches, Food-to-Go, Confectionery and Snacks 01/07/2020
402_20 Language Services 01/07/2020
229_20 Curtains, Blinds and other Associated Services 01/09/2020
695_20 Furnishing for Library and Community Buildings 02/09/2020
256_20 Highways Electrical Connections and Minor Installation Work 01/11/2020
376E_20 eBooks, Audiobooks and Print Books 04/11/2020
3A_20 Advertising Solutions 01/12/2020
263_21 Total Cleaning Services Solution 05/01/2021
198_21 Water system risk assessment and water hygiene monitoring services 05/01/2021
245_21 Grounds Maintenance Services 06/01/2021
615_21 Street Furniture 01/02/2021
58_21 Ready Meal Solutions 01/04/2021
676_21 Total Facilities Management 01/05/2021
271_20 Vehicle Hire – Self Drive 01/10/2020
203_21 TeleCare & TeleHealth 14/06/2021