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Guidance Booklet from the Social Value Portal and the Local Government Association

Foreward by Councillor Peter Fleming OBE – Chairman, LGA Improvement and Innovation Board

Social Value is one of the key themes of the Local Government National Procurement Strategy. Some Councils have successfully implemented Social Value into their commissioning and procurement processes and are obtaining genuine benefits in areas such as employment, training and healthier communities.

Research by the Local Government Association (LGA) has highlighted that District Councils are finding it difficult to implement Social Value. There are many reasons for this; they don’t tend to commission, they have relatively
small contract sizes, they procure a low number of contracts, and most districts placing large contracts will do so through national framework agreements.

Where there may be opportunities this Toolkit is welcome. It provides all the information and documentation needed to understand and implement Social Value where it is possible to do soand is based on tried and tested approaches. The Toolkit includes a draft Social Value Policy, information about the TOMs (Themes, Outputs and Measures) framework to enable you to measure Social Value in procurements, wording for inclusion in
tender documentation, information on how to evaluate bids and tips on good contract management.

I hope you find this Toolkit useful and that it enables your Council to obtain the benefits that Social Value can provide.

The Social Value Toolkit for District Councils

This Toolkit has been designed as a starter kit to enable district councils (DCs) to begin to obtain the benefits of Social Value through how they manage and deliver their procurements.

The Social Value Portal recognises that many Councils do not have the resources to be able to implement SV easily. This means that these councils are missing out on delivering real additional value to their communities as
laid out in the National Procurement Strategy for Local Government which shows that councils that embed social value into their procurement processes are adding a minimum of +20% value (at no additional cost) providing
genuine additional benefits for local communities.

This Toolkit has been designed to provide the information needed to make this journey possible.

If you need any assistance, please contact us at: info@socialvalueportal.com

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