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  • 09/09/2018

Keepmoat Homes: Supporting young people into work

Social Value Portal highlights Keepmoat Homes' work in providing training, bespoke to the local area, to reduce the levels of unemployed young people.

Keepmoat Homes logoKeepmoat Homes are a national housebuilding company. Delivering on social value is part of Keepmoat Homes commitment to delivering true regeneration, ‘more than just bricks and mortar’. 

In partnership with Salford City Council, Keepmoat Homes is developing 425 new homes in the Charlestown Riverside area we have committed to improving the lives of local people by offering a variety of training, bespoke to the area.  

Last year, Keepmoat Homes brought together Connexions and Inspiring Communities Together to work with local young people not in employment, education or training (NEET) with the aim of tackling reducing levels of local unemployment. The 6 week programme was a huge success resulting in all the young people moving on to employment, training or further education.  

Unlike other programmes, we get the young people working on site and delivering real work outcomes.  Following the success of the previous year, Keepmoat Homes decided to support the young people again. This time delivering a Level one Horticulture course based on feedback from local young people.  Inspiring Communities Together were successful in securing funding from the Tesco’s Bags of Help scheme contributing to the costs to delivering the Level one Horticulture sessions which we commissioned Groundwork to deliver.  We recruited eight  Salford NEET young people and one local resident, an ex offender trying to get his life back on track following prison and drug and alcohol abuse.   

The course not only developed the group’s horticulture and construction skills but it also carried out a major spruce up in and around Salford Sports Village.  The programme ended with a presentation event to celebrate the young people achievements, presenting them with their certificates and a free gardening tool set. 

As part of our work in Salford, we also developed an innovative introduction to construction programme known as “Kickstart” aimed at people of all ages who want to get in to construction. The programme was delivered in a very inclusive way, ensuring support for all learners and building on individual skills and knowledge, developing a team working approach and all the skills required for employment.  The four week programme covers: 

Level 1 Health, Safety and Environmental awareness training and the Construction Skills Certification Scheme test and card (normally costing approx. £200 per person), site visits, college visit, understanding site manager expectations, level one employability qualification and a voluntary project. 

Kaiden Keepmoat Homes offered to help Kaiden a local year ten pupil from Together Housing (a local housing provider).  Kaiden spent a year out of education due to family issues and house moves, leading him to become involved with social services.  During this time he was also involved in anti -social behaviour which led to him being classified by the police as at risk of being groomed by organised crime and gangs with potential to becoming involved in drug dealing.  Kaidens behaviour within school had also become challenging, he was disrespectful to most staff, and refused to do what was asked on the corridors, didn’t wear the correct uniform and within lesson had no motivation or showed no interest and often walked out saying he wasn’t bothered about anything.  His punctuality was also a serious concern. 

It was agreed with school, Together Housing, Kaiden and his parents that if his attitude and attendance improved he could attend the summer NEET programme and on his return to school if there was continued improvement he would be allowed a place on the follow on Kickstart programme. This had never been available to school age pupils.

Outcomes achieved

NEET programme:

100% outcome success. Two learners progressed onto Kickstart, 2 learners moved onto construction courses delivered by the Skills Company, 2 progressed on to Salford City Council traineeship, one secured a place at the Rugby College based at the Sports Village and the adult learner secured a place at Salford College on a multi skills construction course.


The programme finishes on 12/10/2018 and of the nine candidates all except two have job interviews, work trials or courses to go to. One is still being supported and one is being charged and is facing potential prison sentence.  As the programme finishes tomorrow we are unable to formally submit feedback from participants. However, we are happy to submit feedback formally within 2 weeks to support our submission


Kaiden excelled himself on the horticultural programme, turning up on time every day.  He worked really hard, completed all the course work leading to him completing the course and gaining the level one qualification and getting brilliant reviews from his tutors.  When Kaiden returned back to school in September the school reported that there had been a marked improvement in Kaiden’s attitude to school, he had attended every day, his punctuality has improved, and he is trying much harder in his lessons. 

Kaiden progressed on to the kickstart construction programme and again excelled in every session, turning up on time every day.  The trainers have commented on his interest in the subject and the amount of questions he asks.  Kaiden said “he was really proud to achieve the level 1 qualification in employability and a level one qualification in health, safety and environment awareness” and he is currently working towards passing his CSCS test to enable him to apply for his CSCS card. 

Melanie Howard Safeguarding Officer said, “Kaiden’s behaviour and punctuality have improved beyond recognition including his attitude both generally and to learning; he is like a different student. He sees hope where he previously had none.  He talks so positively about the programme and tells me in great detail what he has done and he was so proud to bring his work booklet in to school to show me. He told me all about the site tour and how he asked lots of questions, this is just so amazing and such an improvement for him.” 

On completion of the programme Kaiden will be mentored through to March by Keepmoat Homes and Together Housing to keep him focused until after his exams when he will attend a Keepmoat Homes work placement programme in his chosen career path of Civil Engineering.

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