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  • 17/11/2021
Knox & Wells: Cohesive Communities - Social Value for Future Generations

Knox & Wells: Cohesive Communities – Social Value for Future Generations

Read the winning submission from Knox and Wells for Cohesive Communities at the Social Value for Future Generations Awards 2021.


Submission by Adrian Lewis, Finance Director, Knox & Wells Ltd

Initially the support we provided CUBE related to more ‘basic’ and standard charitable support, which involved:

  • £1,000 donation of ‘Sports Activity Packs’, provided through Street Games. This initiative with Street Games was originally promoted through the SEWSCAP South Wales Building  Framework, and demonstrates how initial involvement can nurture, develop and grow
  • £5,000 provision of gifted direct building works to their new offices in Barry that required both refurbishment and decoration works. Understanding that CUBE has just taken possession of new premises within Barry, we were ideally placed to provide initial building and construction advice through meetings and site visits, which finally resulted in £5,000 worth of direct building works being undertaken at no charge.

It is through these initial areas of support that a dialogue was created between both parties on how we could support CUBE in their provision of Mental Health support to the community. An area that Knox & Wells had also been endeavouring to tackle given its high impact within the construction industry and industry that is, on-site, predominately male orientated. CUBE recognised the serious mental health issues facing families during COVID, as well as the growing concern and rise in mental health issues affecting men, where they often suffer in silence, with families and employers, are offer completely unaware.

CUBE was deliberating on how to best reach out to these individuals. And following a number of meetings, it was decided Knox & Wells could support CUBE by providing bespoke workshops
held at their premises. The workshops would provide a discreet forum that can allow sufferers to open up and discuss any mental health issues in a relaxed and informal manner. And informally
targeted to male individuals (although open to all) that may be reluctant to discuss mental health issues.

Knox & Wells construction staff (Site Managers / Tradesmen) are able to provide construction themed workshops in order to set an informal and relaxed atmosphere.
The workshops are also aimed at providing valuable building trade skills that could also upskill individuals and attract people into the industry, by allowing them to attend sites with the same
staff member delivering the workshop. With 6 trained and qualified Mental Health First Aiders within Knox & Wells, we are also able to support CUBE by training and mentoring their own Apprentices.

Social value outcomes

The key deliverable of this project, is the partnered relationship that has been developed between the Private and Public sector or Social Enterprise, enabling the sharing of skills, expertise and resources to the benefit of the local Community.

It clearly demonstrates successful joined Up Working and the Sharing of Skills and Resources between Community Groups and the Private Sector. This is a high level deliverable of the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act (Wales) 2015, that strengthen communities and builds cohesive societies that support each other.

Other key points and deliverables include:

  • £1,000 donation of Sports Activity Packs, provided by Street Games that was promoted through the SEWSCAP (South Wales) Building Framework. These packs were provided during the
    height of the COVID pandemic and supported a large number of families at an important and difficult time. The packs were designed to promote physical activity and family wellbeing and
    health at a time of heightened anxiety and stress because of the Covid pandemic.
  • £5,000 provision of gifted direct building works to their new offices in Barry that required both refurbishment and decoration works. The completion of these building works was key
    deliverable and milestone in enabling CUBE to have the space and facilities to provide these partnered construction themed workshops.The building works have now recently been completed (end of September 2021) with an official CUBE opening on 18 October 2021. Following these works CUBE and Knox & Wells are now in a position to proceed with our bespoke construction themed workshops throughout the Autumn of 2021 and into 2022.
  • Construction themed workshops developed with CUBE that will:
    • provide a forum that can allow sufferers to open up and discuss any mental health issues in a relaxed and informal manner;
    • also be aimed at providing valuable building trade skills to the community; and
    • offer individuals construction site visits and opportunities to experience the construction sector and any specific trades they may have an interest in.
  • Strong relationships have been built between the private sector and a community group that has plans to foster and develop the partnership for many years to come.
  • Developed a platform for the sharing of skills and resources with the private sector, with truly recognised joined-up thinking, that benefits both the community and construction industry.
  • Created on opportunity and pathway into construction industry at a time of great need.
  • Scope and potential to extend this partnership model across wider communities and private sector though existing structures that exist and also promote and align with FGA (Wales) 2015,
    such as the SEWSCAP Building Framework and Cardiff Council Building Framework.
  • This is also a reciprocal arrangement where CUBE can offer our company and our local supplychains skilled and experienced mental health support for any employees having to deal with
    mental health issues – a 360-degree approach.

Judging comments by Vincent Hanly

The winner of the Cohesive Communities Award goes to CUBE Knox and Wells.

The judges were very impressed with the work of CUBE and Knox and Wells in their collaboration to try and tackle mental health in adults in the Community and with their workforce. This is a great example of the private sector delivering social value in its communities working with CUBE.

CUBE is a Barry based volunteer-based charity with a team of specialist’s who’ve come together to make a difference for families living with or affected by mental health, suicide, grief and loss, domestic abuse and substances.

The key deliverable of this project involved promoting joined-up working between the private sector and community Groups – sharing skills, expertise and resources for the benefit of the community. This submission demonstrated exemplary joined-up working with community groups and local businesses – helping to achieve high-level deliverables of The Future Generations Act (Wales) 2015. This was in response to the concerns of a focus on mental health in adults and the role Knox and Wells and CUBE have played to help improve this in communities and with their own workforce.

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